•District 37 Sprint Enduro series for 2019 was formed by the New D37 president Brian Nasif and a committee of 6 D37 clubs. This idea was brought on by a couple district enduro clubs that held sprint enduros over that last couple of years and had great success. The new presidents first goal was to rebuild the Enduro side of D37 and give those who love enduro and technical single track riding a place to come and race.

•Full Stand alone series with 6 races and a season end champion for all classes. 

•Series will retain all standard District classes with the addition of a Pro class. 

•Series will issue enduro numbers. 

•Format will be a series of special tests that range from 3-7 miles in length ran multiple times for an overall time, Lowest overall score wins.  All natural terrain, No motocross or GP Style courses.  

•Terrain will be 1st thru 3rd gear technical enduro style with separate courses to cover all skill levels. 

•Schedule and locations will be posted soon.

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AMA District 37

Lost Coyotes MC

Big 6 Grand Prix



Erik Jones

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