American Honda Motor Company instructed its dealers to suspend sales of several models as of start of business, February 10, 2009. Honda CRF50F, 70F and 80F are affected by a CPSIA lead content regulation aimed at protecting children under the age of 12 from lead exposure. The regulation is a reaction to the high lead content contained in some Chinese toys which became an issue last year. Those models have some parts that exceed the maximum allowed parts-per-million. Currently, the Motorcycle Industry Council is fighting for an exemption for motorcycles and ATVs, but in the meantime, Honda and several other manufacturers have instructed their dealers to take several specific acts.
1. Stop sale of all new and used minis.
2. Cease all marketing and advertising efforts for these models.
3. Remove all display and point of sale materials for these models.
4. Stop sale of some replacement parts for use on these models.
There is talk of a one-year delay in the implementation of this regulation, and a final ruling is expected soon.

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