Anything can happen in 24 hours of racing. So the team that can deal with anything is the one that usually wins the 24 Hours of Glen Helen. The 2008 edition of the Southern California classic took place from 10:00 a.m. Saturday to 10:00 a.m. Sunday and as usual it was a thriller that came down to the end. At hour 22, Team John Burr was leading with Greg Schnell on the Kawasaki KX450. But Nick Brozovich of ZipTy Racing was closing in. All night long, ZipTy had been nibbling away at John Burr’s lead after repairing an ignition failure that cost the YZ450 team almost an hour. But some amazing nighttime performances from Kevin Urquhart, Kevin Rookstool, Brozovich and Ty Davis himself had brought the two teams together for a showdown in the final hour.
      The pass for the lead actually took place in the pits, as it often does in 24-hour racing. Then Urquhart and Rookstool stretched it out in the end of the race. Robbie Goolsby finished for John Burr, with teammates Schnell and Gordon Ward looking on. The Nicoll Racing team of Colton Udall, Freddy Sanchez Justin Seeds and Bryce Staurom also made up big time at night to finish third ahead of HYR teammates Benny Breck, Jarrod Minor, Josh Brown and Bo Baron.
      The toughest man of the race was Brad Goolsby who won the Ironman class by roughly 250 miles. His closest rival was Mike Childress, who was close for the first half of the race, then had to ride with an injured wrist.

      The 10.5-mile course was once again designed by the Dirt Bike staff, and included every kind of terrain that could be found in and around the Glen Helen facility. The National motocross track was connected to the REM track and the SRA GP course. The San Bernardino Sheriff Department also cooperated by allowing the race to run through their EVOC street pursuit training facility, and Glen Helen Regional park also opened up for the racers. Connecting it all was a network of single-track and fire roads that got tougher and tougher as the race progressed. Overall it was considered one of the more challenging courses in recent years.

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