We got a cool opportunity to check out and use the new Motosport RDRco gear when they invited us to ride some trails Idaho and spend a few days at the famed Gold Creek Lodge in Bayview. To say we had a blast would be a huge understatement ! The crew at Motosport have an amazing working relationship, they remind us more of one big family than employees of a company. This made the few days we spent with them incredibly enjoyable!

After spending all day in the new RDRco (Octane) pant, jersey, glove and Factor helmet outfitted with rider-to-rider communication from Cardo we were definitely impressed. The Octane line has features and functions that you find in gear that retails for a much higher price and has clean design lines with multiple color options. We didn’t get a chance to try out the boots but the RDRco helmet was another item that surprised us. The RDRco Factor helmet is comfortable and just like the gear comes in a variety styles with a retail price that is affordable.

Views from the trails around the Gold Creek Lodge are insane and the hospitality is second to none!

Yes we took a picture of our breakfast and YES it tasted as good as it looks. The food at the Gold Creek Lodge is amazing .

If you have a small group of riders that enjoy challenging trails and wants a unique once in a lifetime experience, we highly recommend the Gold Creek Lodge.

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