ZACH BELL的KX250 2行程项目

他们说赢得冠军比捍卫冠军要容易得多。 扎克·贝尔(Zach Bell)和Wiseco世界二冲程冠军赛显然就是这种情况。 事实证明,他2018年的冠军头衔很难复制。 去年获得DNF之后,我们希望我们能够与他联手获得2020年冠军。 不幸的是,锁骨断裂导致他失去出现的机会。 但是他有一个自行车,男人有他有自行车!

Zach Bell在PC的最新KX250版本上立即感到舒适。
Zach Bell在PC的最新KX250版本上立即感到舒适。

Last year was our first attempt at building a bike.去年是我们第一次尝试制造自行车。 As a base, Justin Seeds was kind enough to lend us his 2003 KX250.作为基础,贾斯汀·种子(Justin Seeds)很好,可以借给我们他的250 KX270。 For starters, it wasn't a 270cc engine, as Justin had previously had LA Sleeve bore the cylinder out to XNUMXcc.对于初学者来说,它不是XNUMXcc的发动机,因为贾斯汀以前曾让LA Sleeve将汽缸的排气量提高到XNUMXcc。 We thought the XNUMXcc engine was a solid base, and we didn't have a ton of time to put into the build, as the race was in about a month.我们认为XNUMXcc发动机是一个坚实的基础,而且由于比赛只用了一个月,我们没有太多时间投入建造。 So, with the time crunch, we didn't give too much attention to the powerplant.因此,由于时间紧迫,我们并未对动力装置给予过多关注。 Most of our work went into modernizing the bike as much as we could.我们的大部分工作都尽可能地使自行车现代化。

Pro Circuit的Jon Primo正在制造450转换套件,其中包括机械零件,这将使我们能够在2019-2019的二冲程发动机上安装250 KXXNUMX副车架,油箱,空气箱和塑料。 We thought it was a cool idea, so we got the kit and went to work modernizing the rear end of the bike.我们认为这是个不错的主意,因此我们拿到了套件,并着手对自行车的后端进行现代化改造。

2003 KX270更注重样式而非功能。 The modern plastics looked cool but had some issues.现代塑料看上去很酷,但存在一些问题。
2003 KX270更注重样式而非功能。 The modern plastics looked cool but had some issues.现代塑料看上去很酷,但存在一些问题。

This was where things began to get a little complicated.这就是事情开始变得有点复杂的地方。 As we were using the kit to install the 2019 KX250 parts, our progress kept stalling.当我们使用该套件安装XNUMX KXXNUMX零件时,我们的进度一直停滞不前。 We didn't realize there were a few parts we needed to order on our own—the gaskets that seal the airbox, in particular.我们没有意识到需要自己订购一些零件,尤其是密封空气箱的垫圈。 Though these setbacks were simple to overcome, they were a little frustrating because they ate into our testing time.尽管这些挫折很容易克服,但由于它们占用了我们的测试时间,因此有些令人沮丧。 Additionally, because the conversion kit was privately offered, there were no detailed installation instructions.此外,由于转换套件是私人提供的,因此没有详细的安装说明。 So, our lead mechanic, Phil Valdez, ended up using the guess-and-check method at times when installing certain pieces.因此,我们的首席机械师Phil Valdez在安装某些零件时有时会使用猜测并检查方法。 He also had to do some minor modifications to get some of the parts to fit as well as we wanted.他还必须做一些小的修改,以使某些零件符合我们的要求。

Pro Circuit清理了气瓶,而CryoHeat团队内部对零件进行了处理,并在外面用蒸气喷砂了箱子。
Pro Circuit清理了气瓶,而CryoHeat团队内部对零件进行了处理,并在外面用蒸气喷砂了箱子。

270的动力输出与250的动力输出有很大的不同。尽管它提供了足够的动力,但它并不那么快而且很快。 With our lack of testing, we dialed in the jetting as best we could to try to improve it, but that was about all we had time for.由于缺乏测试,我们尽最大努力尝试改进喷射技术,但这几乎是我们所有的时间。


When it came to racing, Zach showed his class in the first moto.在赛车方面,扎克(Zach)在第一辆摩托车上展示了他的班级。 He was shuffled back to around 10th on the first lap and worked his way up to third late in the moto, passing some well-known names in the process.他在第一圈被拖回第XNUMX位,并在摩托车比赛中一直上升到第三位,在此过程中通过了一些著名的名字。 Unfortunately, his effort ended abruptly, as there was enough tension on the air boot from the conversion kit to pull the boot off of the carburetor.不幸的是,他的努力突然结束了,因为转换套件上的气靴上有足够的拉力,可以将气靴从化油器上拉下来。 The bike instantly died, and we hung our heads.自行车立即死亡,我们垂头丧气。

Fast-forward less than a year, and I had a couple of goals for our second go at building the two-stroke.快进不到一年,我第二次建立双向行程时有两个目标。 Goal one: I wanted to get a newer model.目标一:我想获得一个更新的模型。 As far as a base for the build, the 2003 wasn't the best year that Kawasaki had to offer.就建造基地而言,2007年并不是川崎必须提供的最好的一年。 Fortunately, Scott Perkins was very quick to offer his 250 KX2019 for our effort.幸运的是,斯科特·珀金斯很快就为我们的努力提供了他的XNUMX KXXNUMX。 With a bike secured, goal two was to focus purely on performance and function rather than flair.有了自行车,目标二就是纯粹专注于性能和功能,而不是天赋。 In the pre-COVID race schedule, we'd given ourselves more time for the build than in XNUMX. So, the first thing we did was pull the engine out and split the cases.在COVID赛前的比赛时间表中,我们给了自己更多的时间来制造赛车,而不是XNUMX年。因此,我们要做的第一件事就是拉出引擎并拆开表壳。

Once the cases were split, the cylinder was sent to Pro Circuit to get cleaned up and ported.箱子分开后,将气瓶送至Pro Circuit进行清理和移植。 We then sent all of the engine parts to CryoHeat.然后,我们将所有引擎部件发送给CryoHeat。 There, CryoHeat not only put the parts through their proprietary metal-strengthening process, they also vapor-blasted the pieces, giving them a beautiful, brand-new look.在那里,CryoHeat不仅将零件通过专有的金属强化工艺进行了处理,而且还对零件进行了汽喷处理,从而赋予它们美丽,崭新的外观。 With the engine dialed, we turned to the suspension.拨动引擎后,我们转向悬架。

For the build in 2019, we used the Showa 49mm fork, but since then, the 2020 KX250 had updated to a 48mm (dual-function) Kayaba fork.在XNUMX年的建造中,我们使用了Showa XNUMX毫米前叉,但从那时起,XNUMX KXXNUMX已更新为XNUMX毫米(双功能)皮划艇前叉。 We used the Kayaba this time around for slightly better compliancy on the lighter two-stroke.这次我们使用了Kayaba,以便在较轻的二冲程上有更好的顺应性。 The forks and shock were re-valved for Zach at Precision Concepts to dial in handling of the bike, and the forks were again affixed to an Xtrig triple clamp, which modernized the front end, and not only looked cool but worked quite well, especially when accompanied by the Mika handlebars, ARC Memlon levers and clutch perch, and A'ME, half-waffle grips.在Precision Concepts上为Zach重新装上了前叉和减震器,以便拨动自行车,然后将前叉再次固定在Xtrig三重夹具上,该夹具使前端现代化,不仅看起来凉爽,而且工作得很好,尤其是搭配Mika车把,ARC Memlon杆和离合器高位以及A'ME半华夫饼握把。

扎克 (Zach) 对测试期间的操控赞不绝口,如果二冲程世界锦标赛将于今年晚些时候在格伦海伦 (Glen Helen) 重新安排,那么他很高兴能骑上这辆自行车。

We kept things pretty simple from there, using products from our team sponsors to improve performance, such as the Pro Circuit pipe and silencer, Boyesen RAD valve, and updating to Kite wheels, an RK chain, Mika sprockets and a TM Designworks slider and guide.我们使用团队赞助商的产品来改善性能,例如Pro Circuit管道和消音器,Boyesen RAD气门嘴,并更新到风筝轮,RK链,Mika链轮和TM Designworks滑块和指南,从而使事情变得非常简单。 。 Of course, we used some parts to add a little flair, too, like Ride Engineering accents and the MotoHose radiator hose kit.当然,我们也使用了一些零件来增加一些个性,例如Ride Engineering的配饰和MotoHose散热器软管套件。 The look of the bike was completed by the RAD custom graphics kit, while StompGrip IMS CORE footpegs and a Moto Seat cover added grip and traction to Zach's contact points.自行车的外观由RAD定制图形套件完成,而StompGrip IMS CORE脚踏板和Moto座套则为Zach的接触点增加了抓地力和牵引力。

Unfortunately, we haven't been able to race the bike to see what it's really capable of;不幸的是,我们还没来得及让它赛车真正的能力。 however, in testing, the 2020 build has proven to be an improvement over the 2019 attempt.但是,在测试中,事实证明2019年的建造比XNUMX年的尝试有所改进。 On the track, the engine feels snappy, sounds amazing and pulls hard.在赛道上,引擎感觉敏捷,听起来令人赞叹并用力拉扯。 The handling is improved as well with the updated fork and suspension settings.更新的前叉和悬架设置也改善了操控性。 Plus, by keeping things simple and not going overboard updating the look of the bike, we've lessened the likelihood of any issues cropping up during the race like in XNUMX.此外,通过保持简单和不过度更新自行车的外观,我们降低了比赛期间出现任何问题的可能性,例如XNUMX年。

Hopefully, we'll get to watch Zach getting the full potential out of the new build during a race at some point.希望我们能在比赛中看到Zach充分发挥新车的全部潜力。 Until then, we'll take a few of the values we learned from these two builds and keep them in mind for the next one—function before flair, and simpler is usually better.在此之前,我们将借鉴从这两个构建中学到的一些价值,并牢记下一个价值—精干才干,通常越简单越好。