Yamaha announced some of its remaining 2016 models this week at the Marconi Automotive Museum in Tustin, California. The big news for the off-road world was the introduction of two new 450s based on the YZ450F motocross bike. One was the widely predicted update of the WR450F trail bike. The other was the hoped-for YZ450FX.

The WR has the same engine layout as the YZ450F, including the reverse cylinder head layout and the Keihin fuel injection. The WR has suspension, gear ratios and power delivery designed for trail use, as well as a headlight, a radiator fan, an 18-inch rear wheel, a kickstand and it meets the emission requirements put forth by EPA and CARB. The biggest news is the electric starter, which sits in front of the motor. The WR is a trail bike with a very quiet exhaust note. The YZ450FX, on the other hand, is an off-road race bike. It was designed with cross-country racing in mind, although it is imported under the rules that state it’s for closed-course competition. The FX doesn’t meet emission regulations, is not green-sticker legal and is in full-race tune. The suspension is stiffer than that of the WR, but it’s still set up for off-road use, not motocross. This model doesn’t get the headlight or the radiator fan, but it does have the electric starter. As it turns out, this is the same basic motor that Roman Febvre used to win the 2015 World Motocross Championship.His motor might have looked somehat different, but the changes were only superficial outer engine cases that were fabricated by the Italian race team. Unlike Febvre’s bike, the WR and the FX have a kickstart lever for back up.

Yamaha released the 250cc versions of these bikes last year with great success. The new 450s now join those bikes as well as the YZ250X two-stroke that was announced in July, giving Yamaha the most extensive line of off-road bike of any Japanese manufacturer. The WR450F will have an MSRP of


2016 Yamaha WR450F
2016 Yamaha WR450F

What follows is  Yamaha’s official release.

Cypress, CA – October 6, 2015 – Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., today debuted the all-
new 2016 YZ450FX, an off-road racer conceived, engineered, and built specifically for hare
scrambles and GNCC® competition. The company also introduced an all-new WR450F, along
with the 2016 YZ250FX and the WR250F.
All four off-road models feature easy, push-button electric starting and precise fuel injection–
handy features to have for hare scrambles, GNCC, and enduro competition where quick
decisions can mean the difference between winning and coming up short.
The YZ450FX shares the YZ450F’s revolutionary, rearward-slanted-cylinder design, with a
reversed cylinder head and forward-positioned, straight intake. The YZ450FX delivers a
controllable, torquey power character with strong, top-end power tuned specifically for cross-
country racing. In addition, the bike features cross-country-specific suspension tuning, a wide-
ratio five-speed transmission, enduro-specific multiplate clutch, and an electric starter and main-
switch-free electrical system to help reduce rider fatigue and provide easier race-start launches.
The 2016 YZ450FX comes in Team Yamaha Blue/White, will retail for $8,890, and be available
in Yamaha dealerships beginning in November.
Introduced one year ago, with immediate sales and racing success, the light, nimble, and
powerful YZ250FX is back for 2016 in Team Yamaha Blue/White, with a suggested retail price
of $7,890. The 2016 YZ250FX will arrive in dealerships beginning in October.
For enduro racers and aggressive trail riders, the WR450F is all-new for 2016. Equipped with
the YZ450F’s revolutionary, rearward-slanted-cylinder design, with a reversed cylinder head and
forward-positioned, straight intake. The WR450F has an enduro-specific exhaust silencer, an
electric starter and main-switch-free electrical system, and an ECU tuned specifically for enduro
riding. In addition, a wide-ratio five-speed transmission and enduro-specific multiplate clutch are
ideal for the rigors of tight woods riding and racing.
The 2016 WR450F will be available in Team Yamaha Blue/White at a suggested retail price of
$8,990, and will be available in Yamaha dealerships beginning in November.
With MX Champion YZ250F components in a light, agile enduro package for tight woods riding
and racing, the WR250F returns for 2016 in Team Yamaha Blue/White and will retail for $7,990.
Yamaha Dealers will begin receiving the 2016 WR250F in October.

For more information on all Yamaha models–including features, specifications, photos, and
videos–please visit www.yamahamotorsports.com.


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