The Yamaha YZ250 two-stroke has got to be one of the most commonly modified machines on the planet. This is true for multiple reasons: the bike hasn’t changed much in the last decade, and just about every aftermarket company makes products for it. Kenny Alexander and the crew at Fasthouse arranged a Yamaha YZ250 build for Trevor Stewart to ride at this year’s Wiseco Two-Stroke World Championship just days before the event. With minimal time, performance was the main priority; the bling factor was put on the back-burner.

This machine might look like just a set of graphics and some cool wheels, but looks can be deceiving. This might be the fastest modern Yamaha two-stroke we have ever tested.

Jamie Ellis from Twisted Development jumped at the chance to help. Like most tuners in the industry, he has a formula for the YZ250. The mantra for this build was, “Go big or go home!” The “go big” part of the project involved an Athena 300cc big-bore kit that included a complete cylinder with head, power-valve, gaskets and a top-end piston kit. A Moto Tassinari VForce intake system and Lectron carburetor were added to the mix, using metering-rod technology. To top it off, a complete FMF exhaust was installed.

An Athena big-bore kit, Lectron carburetor, VForce intake, FMF exhaust and a whole lot of love from the crew at Twisted Development make this YZ a rocket ship.

Now it’s ready for the races, right? Oh, no. That’s not how Twisted Development does things! The cylinder was ported, and of course the head was re-cut to match the cylinder modification. Twisted also used a different configuration of top-end gaskets to get the precise squish they wanted. But, there is more. Twisted is working directly with VP Racing Fuels to develop a new two-stroke race gas that works with their modifications. With this being a last-minute build, Trever had to use the suspension done by PR2 with Darren Durham specs. It was not ideal, but it was that or no racing. The wheels got a major upgrade from John and Kristen at Dubya USA using Hahn billet hubs, stainless steel spokes and black Excel rims.

We always get caught up in the parts that go into making the build happen, but in this case, Kenny Alexander from Fasthouse and Manual Gasper of Gasper Racing were big factors. Fasthouse is a local SoCal apparel company that is all about having a good time with friends and family. They provide huge support to their athletes in many different ways, depending on what each individual needs. Between Fasthouse and Gasper Racing, they have a small fleet of Yamaha YZ250 machines that can be called into action at any time, and it doesn’t stop there. In the past, they have bought brand-new four-strokes for our test riders, the Wageman brothers, to race the West Coast Supercross. Not many companies give back to the sport to support the stoke like these guys do, and we can’t thank them enough. If you would like to experience the Fasthouse vibe, we highly recommend you check out the Day in the Dirt that happens at Glen Helen Raceway in November every year. 

The wheels got a huge upgrade from the crew at Dubya USA.

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