Jamie Ellis and his team at Twisted Development build fire-breathing race machines for some of the top athletes and teams in the motocross and off-road industry, so when the shop’s 2005 Yamaha YZ250 needed some TLC, the guys at Twisted went all out. Not only did they put a spin on the engine that we didn’t see coming, they updated the overall styling in ways we didn’t even know were possible.

The Pro Circuit Works-style pipe is stamped with a high-quality carbon steel construction and has hand-welded and pounded seams for increased performance throughout the power curve. Hinson’s billet-proof clutch components for the mid-2000 Yamaha YZ250 are a huge upgrade from stock. They are constructed of T6 billet aluminum that is Akadized for five times the wear resistance. Ride JBI suspension rebuilt the suspension internally and added some specialty performance coatings on the outside.  Sano Metal Finishing performed all the blue Cerakote on the engine parts, brake calipers and brake master cylinders.  Galfer Wave rotors are CAD-CAM designed out of 420, high-carbon, proprietary, virgin stainless steel that is laser-cut and heat-treated for each specific application. Dunlop’s MX33 tires are designed for soft-to-intermediate terrain and feature block-in-a-block technology for more aggressive corner and slide control in off-road conditions. The wheels are all blacked out and have Haan billet-aluminum hubs, stainless-steel spokes and D.I.D Dirt Star LT-X rims

Ryan and Brandon at Throttle Syndicate worked with Twisted Development to come up with a classic graphics scheme that made the bike stand out without looking like a catalog bike. They topped it off with a gripper seat made in-house to match the graphics.
Building race engines is Twisted Development’s bread and butter! They start off with an Athena 300cc big-bore kit and then perform a laundry list of proprietary upgrades to the cylinder. On this engine, they also use a Hinson clutch, Lectron carburetor and Moto Tassinari VForce reed intake system.
TM Designworks‘ Factory Edition 1 Slide-N-Glide kits changed the game! The rear chainguide, swingarm slider and chain roles are designed using proprietary impact memory technology that allows the guide to return to center on impact. TM Designwork’s guides also feature UV protection that prevents fading and an oil additive to reduce friction.
Xtrig ROCS Pro triple clamps are machined from billet aluminum and feature a custom Motowhips coating to match the Faster USA hubs. Handlebars can be mounted in 12 different positions with the Progressive Handlebar Damping System.
Yes, this YZ rolled off the Yamaha assembly line back in 2005, but you would never know looking at it today. Twisted Development used the gas tank, radiator shrouds, subframe, airbox, seat and fenders off the brand-new 2022 model, giving it a complete makeover in the styling department. Some modifications were required along the way


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