PRODUCT: The PW3028 pressure washer is the newest model in Yamaha’s lineup. Enabling up to 3000 pounds per square inch and a 2.8-gallon-per-minute output, it features a CAT pump, five-way pivoting nozzle, brass quick-release fittings and 30 feet of braided-steel hose.

POSITIVE: Yamaha’s PW3028 comes straight from the factory with just about every upgrade we had done to our existing pressure washer. A steel-braided hose line with quick-release hose fittings are always nice additions. Starting is easy and usually fired up on the first or second pull. With a 1 1/2-gallon fuel-tank capacity, we could fill the tank up once and wash almost the entire fleet of test machines. The five-in-one nozzle makes for easy water-stream adjustments, and the pivoting head allows us to get into just about anywhere.

NEGATIVE: The starter pull cord is located in an awkward place right next to one of the frame tubes, and no matter what we did, it seemed like we would always hit our knuckles or wrist on that bar.

BOTTOM LINE: Yamaha did their research on pressure washer units before producing the PW3028, and it shows, because this machine did everything we asked with relative ease. The $849.99 price tag is a bit on the pricey side at first, but with the performance factor, quality components and three-year limited factory warranty, the Dirt Bike staff will be abusing this unit for years to come. o

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