Yamaha – 2009 YZ250F Bike Review

For 2009 the YZ250F remains mostly unchanged except for the exhaust, which is 60mm shorter at the head pipe and the muffler is 50mm shorter. The clutch is now mounted with eight rubber bushing instead of six springs. The new clutch design gets rid of the jutter spring and all the clutch plates are the same now. The motor remains unchanged.

The YZ250F gets the new swingarm design just like the YZ450 and the hub was slimmed down while the axle diameter was increased. The changes equal more bottom end and mid pull. The exhaust note is a little louder than last year but is probably still the quietest in the class. The stronger pull means less clutch work and we like that. The YZ250F has a tendency to push in the corners if you aren’t aggressive and stay over the front end. When you figure out the proper body position the YZ handles great.

The suspension on the YZ250F is excellent and loves straight lines. It handles all bumps big and small well.

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