On this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday we caught up with Josh & Wyatt Grant at Glen Helen Raceway to talk about Wyatt’s Simi Valley Cycles, Fasthouse, Hotwheels backed Yamaha YZ65 race machine. We keep the mini theme going with a mind blowing Kawasaki KX65 rebuild project with the crew at Vertex.


Wyatt Grant has laundry list of people supporting his racing program. Naturally his biggest supporters are his family, Ashley (mom), Josh (dad) and his little brother Easton. Some of the companies that made this build possible include Pro Circuit, Dubya, Renthal, Xtrig, Dunlop, Hinson, Nihilo Concepts, Maxima oils and Simi Valley Cycles.

This is Wyatt’s race machine and these wheels from the crew at Dubya have taken some major abuse .

The and suspension modifications are done entirely by the crew at Pro Circuit and trust us when we say this thing is dialed in.

A Pro Circuit 304 Factory Sound silencer and Works pipe are just a couple of the bolt-on performance items.

The Nihilo Concepts CNC machined billet aluminum ignition cover can stand up to some abuse and the custom engraving option is available to anyone that wants it. A Mototassinari VFORCE 4 intake is another bolt-on performance item on Wyatt’s race bike.

Wyatt is one of a select group of riders to be on the Fasthouse mini team that announced an upcoming collaboration with Hot Wheels. We haven’t got the details of whats to come but how cool would it be to be sponsored by Hot Wheels as a ten year old !

Wyatt Grant ready to do motos at glen Helen aboard his Simi Valley Cycles , Fasthouse backed Yamaha YZ65.


Okay, so we know that a machine built with technology from the turn of the century will not set the world on fire, but there are a ton of aftermarket products available for the KX65 that can help. We bought our 2004 Kawasaki KX65 project for $500. It had been sitting for about six years, which is very common because kids get too big for the bike, and was shoved into a corner of the garage collecting dust. Although a bit rough in appearance, our KX65 was in one piece and just needed some TLC. Just like with our full-size, older project bikes, we tore this one down to the frame, paying close attention to bearing conditions, frame joints for cracking and, of course, the engine health.



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