World Vet Championship: The Doctor Is In The House


When Doug Dubach won the 1991 San Jose 250 Supercross, he thought it would be the pinnacle of his career, after all he was already 27-years-old. Little did Doctor D know that 16 years later, he would still be winning Championships. And not just one or two.

Doug Dubach (15) celebrates as he crosses the finish line with his tenth Over-30 World Vet Championship.

At the White Brothers-sponsored World veteran Championships, held at Glen Helen Raceway, Doug Dubach not only won the Over-30 Pro class, but he did it for the tenth time, Even more impressive, at 43-year-old, Dubach also won Saturday’s Over-40 pro race. Doug became the first rider in history to win both World Vet Championship pro races in the same year. His record setting efforts earned the doctor over $3000 in prize money.

Other riders have won both classes in different years, including Dubach (30 and 40), Zoli Berenyi, Sr. (40, 50, 60 and 70), Gary Jones (30, 40 and 50) and Alan Olson (40, 50 and 60). But none have ever done the double in the same year, until Dr. D.

It was a good day for the Doctor D and his DR.D race shop as Craig Decker finished second in the Over-30 Pro class (and Decker not only uses a DR.D pipe, but tunes the Enzo suspension on Doug’s bike).

Gordon Ward, who finished second in the Over-40 Pro race on Saturday behind Dubach was third in the Over-30 Pro class. Gordon had an engine failure on Sunday morning and borrowed Jody Weisel’s Quiksilver-sponsored KX450F (actually they shared it as Jody raced the bike in the Intermediates and Gordon raced it in the Pros).

Gordon Ward (192) blasts around on sandy berm (and one of Glen Helen’s very few tress) on his way to a 5-2 day in the Over-30 Pro class.

Australian Cameron Taylor was fourth, Joe Oehlof (also on a borrowed bike after another engine failure) was fifth, Bader Manneh sixth, Willie Surratt seventh, Tony Amaradio eighth, Chris Young ninth and Fernando Bua tenth.

The Canadian contingent tried hard, but had bad luck as Julian Cerny (12th), Robin Dohlman (13th) and Brian McClennon (20th) all failed to crack the top ten.

Chris Young (910) went 8-10 at Glen Helen. He dueled all day with Surratt, Manneh and Amaradio.


1986…Randy Rodriques…ATK

1987…Gary Jones…Hon

1988…Rex Staten…Hon

1989…Warren Reid…Kaw

1990…Rex Staten…Hon

1991…Rex Staten…Hon

1992…Rex Staten…Kaw

1993…Doug Dubach…Yam

1994…Doug Dubach…Yam

1995…Doug Dubach…Yam

1996…Erik Kehoe…Hon

1997…Doug Dubach…Yam

1998…Doug Dubach…Yam

1999…Doug Dubach…Yam

2000…Doug Dubach…Yam

2001…Doug Dubach…Yam

2002…Doug Dubach…Yam

2003…Spud Walters…Hon

2004…Ryan Hughes…Hon

2005…Ryan Hughes…Suz

2006…Casey Johnson…Yam

2007…Doug Dubach…Yam

Tom White interviews the top three after Sunday’s world vet race. Craig Decker (left), Doug Dubach and Gordon Ward (right) hold the gold.

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