WORCS Racing announced today its final decision on the 2008 WORCS Pro motorcycle series and the 2008 ISDE (International Six Days Enduro) date conflict. The following decision is final and issued as of Friday, May 2, 2008.

With the AMA’s new selection process WORCS has been honored to have four riders that have been asked to participate in the 2008 ISDE Race in Serres,Greece. This race conflicted with round 8 of the 2008 season 8/29-8/31/08. After Numerous meetings with factory team managers and manufacturers a middle ground has been found. The final decision was made to not change the existing WORCS schedule, however, round eight in Monticello, Utah will be a non point point paying race for the pros only. There will be the normal Kalgard Pro main event with the standard $7,500 purse and all manufacturers contingecies. The only differences will be that those four racers will not be in attendence and [championship] points will not be awarded.

‘Honestly, I think the decision that Reddish, the factory team managers, and the manufacturers made was good compromise,’ said Jason Reed of WORCS Racing. ‘You can look at it two ways: WORCS gets to send four of the best racers in the world to the ISDE and our other pros get to make the trip to Monticello, Utah and make money and earnings in this great sport that we support. Overall, I know some people weren’t happy but the majority were satisfied and in the end I think it will all work out for the best.’

‘I had two hurdles that had to be met,’ Sean Reddish of WORCS Racing said. ‘First, I gave a track owner my word that WORCS was coming and we are. Second, the manufacturers had to support any revision to the 2008 schedule. All the brands, Yamaha, KTM, Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki made concessions in the end to support the AMA’s selected team. Each manufacturers contingency program will remain the same for round eight and they will be in attendence to support their amateur racers. KTM and Kawasaki each have other factory racers that will be at Bull Hollow to race. After talking to the teams and our staff this was the best compromise to resolve the scheduling issue and I will stand by it from here.’

WORCS Racing is Americas favorite off road racing series and it builds and promotes ‘The Fastest Racers on the Planet’. This is evident by the WORCS junior trophy team in 2006 bringing home the coveted trophy and now the direct selection of 2008 ‘Dream Team.’
Go Team USA!!!

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