The final WORCS race was held at the famous Cooperland ranch this past weekend, and not surprisingly the racing was as good as could be. And, while rains hampered the Sooner state earlier in the week, come Sunday morning the rain clouds dispersed and the fog burned off to make for a beautiful day.

If you are unfamiliar with Cooperland, perhaps the creative name will ring a bell. That?s right, Cooperland is owned by none other than Guy Cooper. Cooper just so happens to own several tracks and expansive riding trails that make up the six-mile course. Guy, a former 125 National motocross champion, in his own right builds some of the gnarliest jumps and decided to litter them across his motocross track, which just so happened to be part of the WORCS circuit. With such a layout, we would expect the riders who favor motocross to offroad riding would excel at Cooperland. Assuming that, we were right on the money as to who stood out.

Scott Sheak took the early lead and was the front-runner through a margin of the race before Lance Smail took the lead. Smail, riding a WR450, put together a sizable lead over Sheak and won in convincing fashion. If you?re wondering why Lance chose the WR450 over the two-stroke, he said that he rides the four-stroke smoother and wanted to conserve energy throughout the race instead of muscling the two-stroke around the circuit. As for newly crowned WORCS champ Ty Davis, he got a mid-pack start and worked his way up third place before race end.

There were no surprises that the offroad guys had a big disadvantage once the riders circulated the Cooperland motocross track. The riders with motocross backgrounds chose to soar through the sky, while many of the trail preferring riders decided to stay low over the jumps. For more information on the last WORCS race series of the year, and results to match, check back here shortly.


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