‘Just got back this morning from Goldendale, Washington where the 4th round of the WORCS series took place.

The track was pretty much a 7-mile long moto. They took a tractor with a disc around the whole thing. Saturday the conditions were a bit muddy, but come race day on Sunday, it had dried up and was pretty dang ol’ good. On the starting line, they always let you see how the gate drops, just so you don’t get suprised when the race actually starts. They had a hydraulic gate and it dropped about like molasses. It just wasn’t like normal, it was a bit slow and it freaked me out cause I thought I might hit her and be stuck in the gate. Race Time. The gate goes to drop and I let out the clutch, then I remember it’s slow, so I pulled it back in and then went for it, Bad Idea. I jumped out about a half a bike length back and ended up out in the willies from getting pushed out on the first turn. They said I was like 12th or so after the first lap. Man, I would get behind these guys and the dirt was just gnarly. The roost from their tires was like getting shot by a shot gun. Usually it hurts, but something in this dirt made it clump together and it just hurt something awful. I worked my way up, but just too slowly. The Zip-Ty Racing crew gave me the pit board, I was 9th, then 7th, then when I gassed at the halfway point, I had moved my way up to 5th. I spent too much time back in the pack and lost too much time to the leaders. I could see 4th up about 2 or 3 straightaways in front of me. I pushed hard and closed the gap a bit, but not enough and had to settle for a 5th at the end. Bobby Bonds won, Nathan Woods 2nd, Ty Davis 3rd, Robert Naughton 4th, me 5th. I just need to work on my moto skills some more and get up front off the beginning and not let those guys just go. It’s too hard to play catch up.’

Russell Pearson


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