WORCS: Round 1

WORCS: Round 1

Phoenix, Arizona. (Jan. 11-12)

My race wasn’t until 2:15 in the afternoon. The track had really looked good earlier in the day, but was starting to get pretty rough before the 250 race that I was doing. In the 250/open race we had about 50 pro’s signed up. I got an ok start and was around 10th place in the first turn. After the first lap I was able to make it into the top five, but still wanted to at least finish on the podium. How you finish on Saturday determines your gate pick for the Pro race on Sunday. After a couple of laps, I was in second behind Lance Smail who was riding really well. I really didn’t push it too hard, because I was already in a position to get a good gate pick for Sunday. A lot of guys try to ride really hard on Saturday, but then are too tired for Sunday. I had to learn this the hard way a couple of years ago. Now I’m sitting here at home, listening to the SX on the internet, and looking forward to tomorrow. It should be fun!

Race Day
I went out to the race early in the morning, so I could make it to the MRO (motor racing outreach) meeting that our minister Tim Griffin did. After that it was time to focus on the race. I was really looking forward to the race, but was a lot more nervous then usual due to the fact that a lot of my family and friends were there. The race started around 1:00, and we had at least 60 Pro riders and 15 semi Pro riders. We had a dead engine start, because we all couldn’t fit in the MX gate. I had an ok start and was around 8th place, but made a little bobble and lost a couple of spots. After the first lap I think I was in 7th or 8th place, but less then 30 seconds from the leaders. The next lap I made it up to 5th, but was having a tough time getting around Nathan Woods who was riding good. I followed him for a couple of laps since I was a little pumped up. Then I started to feel better and put a good charge in. I was able to pass Nathan and get into 4th, but the top three guys already had about two minutes on me. Ty Davis was leading Russ Pearson and in the third position was Lance Smail. I was trying to catch them, but they were riding at a fast and steady pace. I know Lance was able to get around Russ and Ty for the lead and was looking good for the win, but got tired around the 1 1/2 hour mark. Ty and Russ both passed him back, not much further, after that. I was in 4th still with Lance about 2 minutes in front of me, while I had a good gap on Robert Naughton who was in 5th. It was a really boring race for me, because I didn’t have anyone to ride with. Ty ended up winning the race with Russ about 15 seconds back in second. Third went to Lance Smail, while I took fourth place. I was a little disappointed with fourth place, because I know I should’ve done better then that. I had a lot of people out there cheering me on (home track) and wanted to win it for them, but my main focus is to win the championship and I feel that consistency is going to be the key. I’m already looking forward to the next WORCS race at Glen Helen, and I’ll do my best to bring home a win!   

Top 6
Ty Davis
Russ Pearson
Lance Smail
Destry Abbott
Robert Naughton
Curt Caselli

Other Notes
There were a lot of people that went to the SX Saturday in Phoenix, because it was the same weekend.

Kawasaki brought out there new Chevy truck and big fifth wheel trailer that John Braasch will be driving to all the West coast off-road races.

Russ Pearson won the 125/4-stroke race on Saturday. Ty Davis won the Vet race on Saturday. In the 250/Open race I finished second to Lance Smail.

Pat Garrahan raced his first race since early last year, because of his injuries.

Shane Watts was riding good but faded back later in the race. He’s still recovering from injuries and surgery.

My buddy Bryan Bruning (Arizona guy) won the semi-Pro race and finished in the top 20 overall.

There was a huge turnout for fans a racers.

Best Wishes,
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