WORCS: Pismo Beach, Ca.



I rode the unclassified race early in the morning and then Pro practice later in the day. The track is pretty cool, because the entire course is in the sand dunes. I’ve never raced a race like this before, but it should be really good. The hardest part is remembering all the drop offs and what’s on the other side. The dunes all look the same, and it’s hard to recall certain sections. Later in the day, Ricky Dietrich and I teamed up for the Pro team race. They usually don’t ever have these, but it was for a charity and we figured it would be fun to do. We rode Ricky’s 08 practice bike and had a blast. I called it the father-son team raceJ. We ended up winning!

Pro Team Race:

1st Destry Abbott (father) / Ricky Dietrich (son)

2nd Turbo Rief / don’t have his teammates name (sorry)

Race Day:

We lined up for the Pro race at 11:30 for our parade lap. After that, it was time for a grueling 2-hours plus. I had an ok start and was around 10th after the first corner. It was a little wild with sand getting roosted in your face and riders all over the place. The first lap I made a few passes, and was around 8th or so. The next lap, I had a pretty good get-off when my front end tucked on a whooped-out turn. Over the bars I went, and I lost about 4 spots. After that I got in a nice groove, and slowly started to pick riders off. First I got by Stapleton, Richie Owens, and Charlie Mullins. Then I passed Bobby Bonds after he had some sort of mechanical problem. I passed a few other guys, but don’t remember who they were. I made my first pit stop around the 45-minute mark and I believe I was 6th. After a quick stop, it was back to work. Ricky Dietrich and Bobby Garrison were on the gas and checked out from all of us. I heard they had a great race going. Then third was Justin Soule who was putting in a great ride. Ty Davis was in 4th, at the time, with Robby Bell running 5th. I slowly started to catch Robby, but then I had to pit again at the 1:30 mark. After this pit, I gave it everything I had and started to get really close to Robby. Then I saw Ty had some sort of problem and had to pull off. Just before the two-lap board, I caught and passed Robby to get into 4th. I was really having a lot of fun trying to race with him all day, but he made a great pass back a little bit later. With two laps to go, I had a few problems and Nathan was able to catch me and get by. I ended up staying with him and finishing 9-seconds back for 6th place.

Overall Summary:

I was pretty happy with my speed today; especially since I don’t consider sand as one of my fortes. My fitness was really good (thanks to Stephen Gall) and I felt like it was a good day for me.

Results (Pro top 15):

1st Bobby Garrison

2nd Ricky Dietrich

3rd Justin Soule

4th Robby Bell

5th Nathan Woods

6th Destry Abbott

7th Ryan Reina

8th Matt Karlsen

9th Eric Rhoten

10th Dennis Stapleton

11th David Gassin

12th John Beal

13th Jeff Willow

14th Ty Davis

15th Bobby Bonds

Other Notes:

My next race is this weekend for the final H&H round. It will be my first real off-road race on the 2008 KLX450.

This weekend was pretty wild with all the people there. It reminded me a lot of Glamis during Thanksgiving weekend, and if you’ve been there you know what I mean. They had the quads racing with us this weekend, and a World Final jet-ski freestyle show. The pits were packed and it was a pretty cool atmosphere

This weekend was super windy and it was really tough to keep the ribbon up around the whole course. It was wild with the quads racing next to us around the entire course. They had their own course to the right of us. When it came to Sunday’s pro race they ended up cutting a few miles off since the wind kept knocking the ribbon down. The WORCS crew and everyone else that helped out did a great job, considering they had to deal with this weather all weekend.

It was great to see Monster Kawasaki’s Pro2 rider Jamie Lanza win the Pro2 class and the championship this weekend. He also finished 9th overall in the pro race.

It was really cool to see Charlie Mullins come out west and race the WORCS race. It’s not to often we get the east coast boys out here to race with us. He was riding really well, but got a DNF. I’m not sure what happened.

I want to thank Jonny for doing an awesome job this week. He did a great job getting my KX450 ready for a grueling race like this one. The bike worked perfect all day and never had any problems.

Going into the final round it looks like it’s going to come down to the wire with Kurt Caselli and Nathan Woods. Kurt had a 25-point lead coming into the race, but had bike problems after leading early and received a DNF. Now Kurt is leading Nathan by 9-points. Robby Bell still has a chance too, and is 18-points behind Kurt.

Mike and Amber gave me some photos from the race, which I attached. You can check out more at www.fastphotolab.com.

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