Here’s a smattering of outtakes from T. Webb’s camera following Round 1 of the WORCS series from Speedworld’s MX track.

Taylor Robert and his VMS Yamaha get out of the hole hard!

Brownie at speed. That’s Ty Davis standing on the track.

Taylor leaping a good rough sand whoop section.

Cole Martinez besting the Pro 2 ranks.

Ricky D never really made a statement.

Mike Brown using all of the travel on his ‘Works’ WP suspension.

Justin Soule got off early and hurt his wrist. He finished, but well back.

Turn two and Taylor is getting ready to hammer it.

Eli Tomac is definitely a superstar in the making. Bound for the motocross world, he stunned a few with his speed.

Chris Johnson was one of the few Suzuki’s in the pro ranks. He looked good.

Kurt Caselli won a National H&H last weekend and followed it with a 3rd.

Timmy Weigand played up front for the entire race.

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