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With only sketchy news we’re learned that Kurt Caselli, in his first race since the death of his father came from a miserable start to win the WORCS event in Olympia Washington. Honda rider and desert hero Kendall Norman led for the first hour (which shocked most on lookers since the event was muddy and tight and he’s known to be a Baja guy), battled with Ricky Dietrich who held the lead until his tire ball equipped front wheel disintegrated. Suzuki’s Charlie Mullins came into town never having raced a big four stroke (racing Rodney Smith’s back-up and bone stock RM-Z450) got knocked into a mud hole on the first lap which turned into a lap time 3 and half minutes slower than the leader Norman. Charlie charged through the pack and caught his teammate Woods on the seventh lap. Charlie finished 5th, Nathan 6th. Kawasaki rider Bobby Bonds tallied a strong second place finish but it was all about Caselli on this weekend. According to sources the entire pits and all of the factories involved cheered Kurty on in a very emotional victory.

Look for a full report tomorrow.
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1. Kurt Caselli
2. Bobby Bonds
3. Kendall Norman
4. Ricky Dietrich
5. Charlie Mullins
6. Nathan Woods
7. Damon Huffman


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