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Revised Primm Race Schedule 
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Rnd 3 MC date has been moved. There are many issues involved that forced us to change the date and I will not bore you with them. The new date will be March 22-24 and it will be a Super Event. To accommodate the larger group WORCS has been authorized to develop a couple more acres of parking within the fenced area. This will mean an all new upper end layout of the track and the starting line will be moved. The start will now be near the lake with the first turn being around the lagoon! We are very excited about what this means for the Lake Havasu venue and it will be busy for sure. If you have booked your hotel reservations with our host hotel all those have been moved to the new weekend date and your confirmation numbers are the same. You can call the hotel if you wish to change anything. We apologize for any inconvenience this has posed to the bike side. 

Speaking of land access issues. Round 5 location Speed World Mx is now closed. Loosing this great old track effects allot of people and we hope for a continued future for those that counted on Speed World. There are rumors of a location coming in Avondale!!

With the closing of Speed World we must move our locations around. Round 5 will be in Taft at Honolulu Hills in May which means great weather and greener pastures. The final round going to be at Buffalo Bills Casino. We will use one single track and build a all new vet friendly moto track just over the berm. Buffalo Bills in October will be and awesome time  of year. The year end banquet will be held on Sunday at the casino. 

We apologize for the changes but as you can tell it is not getting any easier to race these days. Our local tracks are struggling and closing so support those that are still here and the sponsors that help keep them here. 

The pdf version of the Rnd 3 Super Event file is available by clicking here.



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About WORCS: WORCS RACING started in 2001and is always working towards bringing off road racing the fame and fortune it deserves. Our mission statement: ‘…to bring professionalism, integrity, quality, and most of all fun to each and every round, all the while staying true to the family oriented grass roots environment that off road racing is all about. ‘

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