WORCS: Honey Lake, Ca

WORCS: Honey Lake, Ca


Last week at the H&H it was dry, hot, and dusty. In contrast, this weekend looks like it?s going to be wet and freezing. Jonny and I are flying up to the race right now early Friday morning. They?re supposed to have practice today and I was really looking forward to riding the Honey Lake track again, but I think they?ll be cancelling practice. The last couple of days I?ve been on the computer checking out the weather in Milford, California and it?s been raining or snowing most of the time. It?s supposed to keep doing this until Tuesday which isn?t a lot of help to me. Today?s high is going to be in the 30?s with some snow storms. Just what someone from Phoenix wants to hear (not). I?m not to fond of the cold weather, but I know I?m still going to have a good time once I get out there. I think this race is going to be more of a survival race, then just pure speed. I feel like I?ve been riding really well lately, but the WORCS series hasn?t been to good to me so far. I really feel like if I go out there and ride like I can, I have a great shot at being on the podium. This series is packed with great riders, but I know my time is coming to get back up front. Jonny has been working really hard on my race bike all week to get it ready for the mud. It looks great right now, but by Monday I?m thinking it?s going to be needing some TLCJ . Time to turn off my computer, the flight attendant is starting to yell at me.

Now I?m back at the hotel after a long day at the track. I was really surprised to see that it really wasn?t all the wet at the track and practice was a go. I actually had a great time out there and made a few changes (jetting the bike). I?m really happy with the way the bike is working and I think this could be a good weekend. After practice Nathan Woods, Dennis Stapleton, and myself went and walked some of the off-road sections. This place is going to have a lot more off-road sections then most of the races, and I think that?s a great thing. Just as we were finishing up our walk, it started to snow and rain a little bit. I?m pretty sure tomorrow is going to be really wet and probably some snow at the track. The snow line is just above the track and there?s a lot of it. Time to get some sleep.


I was right about the snow! When I showed up to the track there was snow in the pits and on the track. It wasn?t really thick, but it looks like it came down quite a bit last night. One thing it was, was super cold. Jonny had his race at 9:15 so I thought this would be the perfect time to go walk the track and look at the pro sections. I went with Smail, Woods, Karlsen, and a couple of other guys. On the way up to the pro sections, we had to stop by a little hill and have a great snow fight. I?m pretty sure Smail lost the fightJ The pro section is going to be really good and technical. It has some really rocky washes and a pretty steep uphill. I think this section might have some bottle necks for tomorrow. On the way back, I got to see Jonny finish his race. He rode pretty well and finished sixth in the 250F B class. He was riding in the top three, but a couple of crashes cost him. At 1:20 it was time for me to get to the starting line and get ready for the pro practice. The conditions today were actually really good. When we got here it started to clear up and never did to much besides a few small snow flurries. When I took off for our 40 minute practice, I felt really good. I went out there and found some good lines in some of the rocky sections. I feel really good about tomorrow and with the way my bikes working I don?t see any reason why I can?t be on the podium. This race suits my style a lot more then the first three rounds this year. The only thing I?m not liking right now, is the fact that there?s another big storm moving in. It?s supposed to rain and snow all night and into tomorrow night, but the weather forecasters are usually offJ

Race Day:

We woke up and the first thing I did was go look out the window of my hotel. To my surprise it looked really good. It was cloudy but it didn?t look like it had rained or snowed much. I guess I was right about those forecast people. We took of to the track and I walked a few sections again, just in case there were some bottle necks on the up hills. The start was at 12:00 and I felt pretty good. The conditions were just about perfect besides being a little cold, but I knew once the race got going it would be good. When the gate dropped, I didn?t get the best jump and was around 12th after the first corner. I made some passes and by the end of the first lap was around 9th or so. I was trying way too hard and making too many mistakes. After another lap or two I was still struggling and riding tight. I really don?t know why, but I was pretty pumped up. I actually went down twice in the first 30 minutes of the race. Both times I just lost my front end in some rocks. I made my first pit stop around the 45-minute mark. I?m pretty sure Ty passed me in the pits, but I was able to get back out just before Russ Pearson came through. After my pit I started to feel a little better, but I still wasn?t riding as aggressive as I would?ve liked. At this point in the race I was in 7th. Not to much happened for the next 45-minutes. Then I stopped for my last pit stop. Now I had about 30-minutes left in the race and just rode a good pace. The way I was feeling today, I didn?t want to let it hang out and hurt myself before next weekends H&H race. I ended up finishing a disappointing 7th overall, but I have two weeks before the next WORCS race. I have a few things I want to work on and make sure I can get on the podium here soon. I still feel good about the way I?m riding and I wasn?t that far off some of the guys in front of me. I just need to stop making so many mistakes and get better starts.

Results Overall Top 15:

1st Mike Kiedrowski

2nd Ryan Hughes

3rd Lance Smail

4th Ty Davis

5th Nathan Woods

6th Robby Bell

7th Destry Abbott

8th Brenden Ritzman (1st semi pro)

9th Russell Pearson

10th Ricky Dietrich

11th Bobby Garrison

12th Matt Karlsen

13th Eric Rhoten

14th Matt Oppen

15th Nick Pearson

Other Notes:

I have to give big props to Matt Karlsen. The last two WORCS races he?s been running my www.destryabbott.com sticker on his front fender. Matt?s a really cool guy and has spent some time down at my place doing a little riding and training this last winter.

My next race will be this weekend in Utah for the fourth round of the H&H series. It looks like it might be another wet one. Last year it snowed during a lot of the race. I won it last year and hope to do it again.

I?d like to thank Dave Brosius for bringing mine and Jonny?s bikes to the race. We had the Kawasaki semi at the race, but we build my race bikes at my house so sometimes it?s hard to get them to the longer races.

My son (Cooper) had his first flag football game this weekend back in Phoenix. He?s eight now and playing with the 8 to 10 year olds. He was the only one to score a touchdown and get an interception. They ended up tying 6 to 6, but he said he really had a great time. It looks like the Arizona Cardinals might have a new running back here soon.

I attached a few photos from Friday?s practice and Sunday?s race. These photos were taken by Mike and Amber Farmer. They have been really cool about giving me photos from the WORCS races. You can check out Amber?s site at www.fastphotolab.com. I also talked to Kevin Healy from www.heahlyphoto.com and I know he was taking some photos too. This place was perfect for photos. The mountains were covered in snow and the conditions were pretty good.

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