Worcs DVD set

Santa Barbara, CA – Wiley Watson of Production 262 has put out a 2008 WORCS DVD 2-disc box set.   WORCS TV takes you through the Arizona & California deserts, the dark deep Washington forest and even stops at the anticipated annual Lake Havasu City race at Crazy Horse Campground.  Narrated and voiced over by Jason Reed and Wiley Watson, they will cover all 10 rounds of the 2008 tour. Beginning in Phoenix at Round 1 watch 2006 Champion Ricky Dietrich and current reigning Champion Bobby Bonds battle all the way down to the finish at Bond’s hometown track at Honolulu Hills Raceway, located in the western hills just outside of Taft, Ca.
*Bonus features include Pro pit interview, Kalgard Holeshot Awards and Bobby Bond’s final ride of 2008 into the awards banquet to the front stage and his Championship speech.  Don’t miss out and pick up your copy today.
To purchase a copy, Visit www.worcstvshows.com. Paypal accepted.
Price:  $34.95

Wiley Watson
Cinematographer/Head editor

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