Round 5 of 14
Price, UT

For Yamaha?s Nathan Woods, the beat goes on. And on and on it goes. In a series of follies and malfunctions for many, Woods has stood the test of time. Even with a young whippersnapper in the form of Bobby Bonds nipping at his feet, Woods overwhelmingly waxed the competition.

The WORCS series is a modern day gladiator sport. Forget the Coliseum and iron clad men battling to the death, instead think of fierce battles on a variety of rigid surfaces where the winner is decided by overall speed. In a class so deep, Nathan Woods is Maximus in the award winning “Gladiator” movie. Woods was not befuddled when fellow gladiator Bobby Bonds took two early wins in the season. Instead, Nathan finished bridesmaid behind Bonds in both races and now has snapped back with a win of his own. The Carbon County race was a carbon copy of round three when Woods took the top spot. His latest win further extends his point?s lead to 33 over Bonds and company.

1. Nathan Woods – Yam
2. Russell Pearson – Yam
3. Bobby Bonds – Kaw
4. Destry Abbott – Kaw
5. Mark Tilley – Hon
6. Ty Davis ? Yam
7. Robert Naughton ? Hon
8. David Pearson ? Kaw
9. Kellon Walch ? Hon
10. Lance Smail ? Kaw

Point Standings:
1. Nathan Woods ? 128
2. Bobby Bonds ? 95
3. Russell Pearson ? 85
4. Destry Abbott ? 84
5. Kurt Caselli ? 71
6. Ty Davis ? 69
7. Lance Smail ? 69
8. Robert Naughton ? 69
9. Mark Tilley ? 64
10. David Pearson – 56


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