WORCS racing
Round 7 of 14
Milford, CA

Nathan Woods has been putting the hurt on everyone contesting the WORCS this year. The Yamaha mounted rider won once again this past weekend, extending his points lead to 59 and win streak to three. Bobby Bonds, an amateur motocross star and transplant to the offroad world, found himself in fourth place for the day and still holds on to second place in the point standings. With two wins and several top five performances, the new kid on the block has got to be ecstatic about his decision to ride the WORCS.

One rider that is been having a tough go of the series this year is WORCS champ Ty Davis. Yet after an opening round blunder, Davis has bounced back to near championship form. A second place finish in the last round has solidified him as a consistent top three rider, but he?ll need a miracle in order to overtake the scorching fast Nathan Woods.

Mike Kiedrowski, where have you been? The Suzuki rider decided to step away from WORCS racing last year after manhandling the series for several years. Mike made the switch back to the series at round seven in Milford, CA to see what sort of damage he could do to the field. It turns out that Kiedrowski maybe should have stayed in the series, because in his first time out in nearly two years he finished third.

With the series halfway finished, many valuable bits of information have already been established. First off, Nathan Woods will have to drop down to a pee-wee bike in order to not finish consistently in the top three race in and race out. Also, freshman Bobby Bonds had better keep looking in his rearview mirror because Ty Davis is approaching him quickly in the point standings. And Mike Kiedrowski, where have you been?

The racing will head to Longview, Washington for round eight of the WORCS series before hitting a three month hiatus.


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