Wiseco’s New High Compression 2009 Honda CRF450R Pistons

2009 Honda CRF450, Ready for Battle

Wiseco Performance Products, Mentor, Ohio— Get your 2009 Honda CRF450 ready for battle with Wiseco’s new high compression 13:1 piston.  You can be sure you are getting the toughest piston with the best features for the race season.  All Wiseco pistons are made on a dedicated forging made in our in-house forging department, giving you a light weight piston with superior strength and optimal design.  High compression pistons offer noticeable improvement in torque gains, giving you real “seat of the pants” increases.  With Wiseco’s high-compression piston, you will be ready to grab another gear with instant throttle response when you need it the most.  Wiseco’s dome design offers improved flame travel maximizing air/ fuel burn efficiency.  Other features that come standard include chrome plated piston pins, horizontal slot pin oiling, pressure seal groove, and dedicated rings. 

 Wiseco’s new 2009 Honda CRF450 also comes standard with our new ArmorGlide® skirt coating.  This coating is the result of testing, development, and benchmarking through our rigorous in-house dyno program.  The result is the ultimate in skirt coating toughness, lubrication, and bond technology.  ArmorGlide® remains on the piston for the typical life and lowers friction for increased piston efficiency, a contributor to increased horsepower.

To win with Wiseco, visit our website Wiseco.com or call our sales team at 800-321-1364.  The Wiseco 2009 Honda CRF450 piston retails at $226.55.

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