Wiseco Power for the Season!

Wiseco continues to bring you more power for the race season.  Check out details on our newest 250F big bore kits and 2010 model CRF250 and YZ450F bikes!  We don’t disappoint.

Are you looking to add more power to your machine?  The solution?  A Wiseco big bore kit.  These kits include a bolt-on big bore cylinder to make the big job simple.  Pair that with a high performance forged Wiseco piston and complete top end gasket kit and you’ve got a complete top end.  The best part about the kit- no case modifications are necessary.

Every Wiseco piston is made from a dedicated forging to give you an optimal design, light weight, and superior strength product.  A pressure seal groove allows for maximum ring seal, while dedicated rings ensure high performance and better oil control.  Each big bore piston is complete with our ArmorGlide™ skirt coating to give your machine reduced friction, quieter operation, and improved scuff resistance.

Wiseco’s newest big bore kits are for 250F dirt bikes, including the 2001-10 YZ250F, 2004-09 CRF250R, and 04-09 RM-Z250.

*Pricing (Retail)- Wiseco Big Bore Kits  $850.13 to $1,054.98

If you’re racing your 2010 Honda CRF250R or Yamaha YZ450F this race season, Wiseco has the products for you.  We have recently released 2010 model year pistons for these two applications.  You get all the features you expect from Wiseco, including each part being built on a dedicated forging.  We’re giving you a light weight part with the superior strength you need to race the weekend.  Both pistons come with our ArmorGlide™ skirt coating to reduce friction, getting the maximum horsepower from your bike.  You can choose stock compression to match OEM compression or high compression to maximize the torque and throttle response to the bike.

Check out more information on our new 2010 Honda CRF250R and Yamaha YZ450F pistons, plus our newest 250F big bore kits at www.Wiseco.com.  Or give our sales team a call at 440-951-6600.

*Pricing (Retail)- Wiseco CRF250R $187.97 to $223.68; YZ450F $209.95 to $229.95.

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