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VonZipper appoints Wil Hahn as Ride Captain to their FreeWheelers MX Club

Irvine, CA, October 7, 2013 – The dirt riding, rebel rousers at VonZipper are proud to announce the addition of Wil Hahn to their Motocross gang for the 2014 and 2015 SX/MX seasons.

Formerly a nomad for the VZ outfit, ‘Wilbur’ as he is known to fellow FreeWheelers, brings the 2013 250 SX East Coast Championship title along with the Outdoor Holeshot bag of cash with him on club rides. With his factory machine, hot babes and the whole FreeWheeler Club behind him, Wil plans to leave a scar on the 450 competition in his rookie premier class campaign.

‘I’ve ridden with the VonZipper FreeWheeler crew before… When the opportunity came back around to rejoin their MX Chapter as Ride Captain, I jumped in the saddle, headed to the clubhouse and was welcomed in with open arms! I couldn’t be happier,’ maintained Wil as he spun a donut.

‘I am so excited to announce that ‘Wilbur’ has been jumped in as a VZ FreeWheeler and joined the Family,’ exclaimed FreeWheeler MX Vice President Dano Legere, ‘I’ve known Wil since he was just a VZ ride along and it’s been awesome to see him climb the ranks from a prospect to The Ride Captain of our MX club!’

Lock up your daughters and get ready to be initiated as Wil and his FreeWheeler brethren take on the SX season at a stadium near you. Ride along with Wil and the VonZipper FreeWheelers at:www.vonzipper.com/wilbur

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