Simply put, if Democrats retain the White House and regain control of either or both houses of Congress this November seventh, all of your dirt bike investments could be worth exactly zero. Squat. Nada.
If it weren?t for this 106th Congress, dirt bikes would be history already. To give you an idea of what we?re up against with Clinton/Gore, let?s look at the Gramm (R-TX) amendment to the 2001 Budget Resolution, which states that The Senate will not increase gasoline and diesel fuel prices by $1.50 per gallon effective July 1, 2000, and by an additional $1.50 per gallon in fiscal year 2005 in order to eliminate the internal combustion engine.

Do you think that race-gas prices at the pump would impact the value of your bike, pickup, RV or SUV? That?s exactly what Al “Earth in the Balance” Gore wants, to turn your machines into paperweights. The reason the Senate passed this amendment (99-0) was to make a pre-emptive strike against the Clinton/Gore administration?s attempt to drastically raise taxes yet again. Past pre-emptive strikes have kept Clinton/
Gore from tripling grazing fees, performing a national biological survey, gutting the Mining law of 1872 (and RS2477, which OHVers have used to keep trails open) and vastly expanding the police powers of the BLM, USFS and NPS.

Attacks on our sport have come so often and from so many angles in this administration that it?s virtually impossible to react to them all, much less win every single battle. But we have won some huge battles, and we have the greens on the run in others, because of our many friends and allies in the 106th Congress and Senate.

Regardless of who wins the White House, it?s vitally important that we don?t allow Congress to revert to the tax-and-spend machine it was during the Reagan/Bush years. We need to retain the activists fighting for forest health, public access to our lands, low gas prices, reform of wasteful government programs and retention of bills that work (like the Recreational Trails Program). We looked at many issues and votes on those issues that affect OHVs to see who supports recreation and who doesn?t. Clearly, we?re not talking about a single issue?unless it?s the survival of our Constitution, democracy, lifestyle.

Separating the rats from OHV keepers

Republicans have 19 Senate seats up for grabs, and the Democrats have 14 seats on the line. Now is our chance to thank Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Joseph Leiberman (D-CT), Daniel Akaka (D-HI), Paul Sarbanes (D-MD), Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) (supporter for HR701/S25), Kent Conrad (D-ND) and Herb Kohl (D-WI) for voting in lockstep to force the California Desert Protection Act (S21) down the public?s throat in 1994. Remember, the Democrats passed S21 so Feinstein could defeat Michael Huffington; the politicization of our public lands has continued unabated ever since, so it?s time to vote out the scum.
Good guys running for the vacating seats of four retiring Senators are John Ensign (R-NV), Rep. Bob Franks (R-NJ 7th), Rep. Bill McCollum (R-FL 8th) and Rick Lazio (R-NY 2nd), who is running against Hillary Clinton. Rep. Tom Campbell (R-CA15) is running against Feinstein. Contributions to these candidates (except Hillary) can?t hurt.

During hearings on Clinton?s Roadless Initiative, Senate heroes went to bat for us, so it?s time to repay them with our votes (thus assuring future OHV opportunities). Slade Gordon (R-WA), Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Conrad Burns (R-MT), and Craig Thomas (R-WY) (among others) blasted the Clinton Roadless plan as an attempt to designate Wilderness without Congressional approval. Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-TX) is also an OHV hero. She conducted a hearing in Arkansas over the EPA?s efforts to vastly expand its powers over private land (including banning OHV use on our own property!). Also, Western Senators should be rewarded with re-election for keeping the Clinton/Gore/Babbitt Interior Department from overstepping its powers.

Jon Kyl AZ A
Dianne Feinstein CA F?
Joseph LiebermanCT F?
William Roth DE C
Daniel Akaka HI F?
Richard Lugar IN A
Edward Kennedy MA F?
Paul Sarbanes MD F?
Olympia Snowe ME F
Spencer Abraham MI A
Rod Grams MN A
John Ashcroft MO A
Trent Lott MS A
Conrad Burns MT A
Kent Conrad ND C
Jeff Bingaman NM F
Mike DeWine OH A
Rick Santorum PA A
Lincoln Chafee RI F?
Bill Frist TN A
Kay Hutchison TX A
Orrin Hatch UT A
Charles Robb VA F
James Jeffords VT F?
Slade Gorton WA A
Herb Kohl WI F
Robert Byrd WV B
Craig Thomas WY A

A Good friend of OHVs
B Friend of OHVs
C Neutral on OHVs
F Against OHVs
F? Strongly Against OHVs

America and Democracy in the Balance

Clinton/Gore ran their ?92 campaign with a promise to rebuild America?s infrastructure. When they took office in ?93, the NPS had a maintenance backlog of $2.3 billion, the USFS backlog was $1 billion, and USF&W was $487 million behind. Now, the NPS claims a backlog of $4 billion ($5.6 billion including new-construction delays), the USFS backlog is 11 billion (of which $8.4 billion is road maintenance) and USF&W faces a backlog of $1.06 billion. That?s a 1100 percent USFS increase, 100 percent NPS hike and 100+ percent USF&W rise in maintenance backlogs! Yet Clinton/Gore/Babbitt want $3 billion a year to purchase even more federal land! Gore has also:
? Vowed to continue and expand the Clinton Roadless Initiative, which was written by the Sierra Club, who recently endorsed Al Gore for President. In Senate hearings on the Roadless plan, it was revealed that the Forest Road Credit Program only funds 100 miles of new roads a year, while USFS Chief Mike Dombeck testified that 1000 miles of roads are consumed by nature a year. Since ten times more roads disappear than are built, this is a non-issue!
? Cast the tie-breaking Senate vote for a 4.3-cent per gallon increase in federal gasoline taxes and mapped an EPA strategy to impose a 50-cent per gallon “carbon” tax, along with other greenhouse-gas, BTU and ad velorum taxes. This is part of the Gore strategy to make gasoline cost $5 per gallon by 2005.
? Sought to expand the EPA?s power over private lands, so you?d have to obtain a federal permit to cut or plant trees on your own land, much less build a track.
? Allowed the green-led USFS to let 40 million acres of National Forests become so overgrown that they?re in danger of catastrophic wildfire. The strategy is to lock up all NFs and strangle all rural people?loggers, miners, OHVers, hunters, fishermen, home-owners?out of the woods. Then Gore?s greens can create more Wilderness. Which prompted Greenpeace Founder Patrick Moore to write “Save the forests, not each tree.” To wit: “A single-minded, preservationist approach across the entire public estate is wrongheaded because it fails to address the complexity of multiple benefits derived from forests and trees.”
? Orchestrated a plan to increase automotive fuel efficiency that Ralph Nader called a “corporate subsidy program.” Congress thwarted this and Gore/EPA plans to implement Global Warming standards without Senate approval.
? Banned Freon (the replacement cost $3 trillion) and has the EPA going after a worldwide ban on DDT (people in poor countries spray their walls with DDT to avoid mosquito-borne diseases) and other cheap, effective insecticides like organophosphates. Replacements will be hideously expensive. More than two million people die a year from malaria, yet Gore and his greens are expanding wetlands at taxpayer expense.
? Hypocritically accused his opponent G. W. Bush as having ties with “Big Oil” when he has a zinc mine in his backyard thanks the then-head of Occidental Petroleum, Armand Hammer. Gore also voted many times for Big Tobacco as a Senator but fed his old buddies to his new pals?Tort Lawyers. After they fleece tobacco and gun manufacturers, expect an onslaught on OHV?s.

The 106th was far from a “Do-Nothing” Congress

Within the halls of the House, there are heroes fighting the war against Clinton/Gore. During debate on HR701, Clinton?s latest landgrab scheme that will cost $3 billion and buy land for conservation (ie. Wilderness), heroes Doug Ose (R-CA 3rd), Richard Pombo (R-CA 11th), George Radanovich (R-CA 19th), Ken Calvert (R-CA 43rd) Helen Chenowith-Hage (R-ID 1st)(sadly, she?s retiring), Michael Simpson (R-ID 2nd), John Shadegg (R-AZ 4th), Tom Trancedo (R-CO 4th), Doc Hastings (R-WA 4th), Ralph Regula (R-OH 16th), John Peterson (R-PA 5th), John Sweeney (R-NY 22nd), and Mac Thornberry (R-TX 13th) all wrote riders seeking protections from green overkill, with Thornberry seeking to force a reduction of maintenance backlog on federal properties before acquiring new lands (which makes sense to us).
These riders were all rejected with many Representatives voting in lock-step with Atilla the Green, George Miller (D-CA 7th). Refer to the incumbents list, and anyone with an F or F? voted with Treehugger Miller on HR701 amendments and passage, HR2372, which simplifies and expedites access to federal courts for property owners who are deprived of rights or property (basically, upholding the 5th amendment), HR1487, which provides for public participation in the Presidential declaration of National Monuments, and a rider to HR4425 which sought to prevent the EPA from spending funds to implement new water quality rules in ?00 and ?01. Miller?s eco-elitists also killed a budget rider by good-guy Joe Knollenberg (R-MI 11th) that would ban all efforts to cut global warming pollution until the Kyoto climate-change treaty is submitted to the Senate.

Beyond registering and voting, we can also sway the election by contributing time and money to help keep the good guys in Congress. Donating PAC money to the Republican National Committee to defeat George Miller and his green ilk is a good idea, too.

Don Young AK?1 A
Sonny Callahan AL?1 A
Terry Everett AL?2 A
Bob Riley AL?3 A
Robert Aderholt AL?4 A
Bud Cramer AL?5 B
Spencer Bachus AL?6 A
Earl Hilliard AL?7 F
Marion Berry AR?1 B
Vic Snyder AR?2 F?
Asa Hutchinson AR?3 A
Jay Dickey AR?4 A
Matthew Salmon AZ?1 A
Ed Pastor AZ?2 F?
Bob Stump AZ?3 A
John Shadegg AZ?4 A
Jim Kolbe AZ?5 A
J.D. Hayworth AZ?6 A
Mike Thompson CA?1 F
Wally Herger CA?2 A
Douglas Ose CA?3 A
John Doolittle CA?4 A
Robert Matsui CA?5 F?
Lynn Woolsey CA?6 F?
George Miller CA?7 F?
Nancy Pelosi CA?8 F?
Barbara Lee CA?9 F?
Ellen Tauscher CA?10 F?
Richard Pombo CA?11 A
Tom Lantos CA?12 F
Pete Stark CA?13 F?
Anna Eshoo CA?14 F?
Zoe Lofgren CA?16 F
Sam Farr CA?17 F?
Gary Condit CA?18 C
George Radanovich CA?19 A
Calvin Dooley CA?20 C
William Thomas CA?21 A
Lois Capps CA?22 F?
Elton Gallegly CA?23 A
Brad Sherman CA?24 F?
Howard McKeon CA?25 A
Howard Berman CA?26 F?
James Rogan CA?27 A
David Dreier CA?28 A
Henry Waxman CA?29 F?
Xavier Becerra CA?30 F?
Matthew Martinez CA?31 F
Julian Dixon CA?32 F?
Lucille Roybal?Allard CA?33 F?
Grace Napolitano CA?34 F?
Maxine Waters CA?35 F?
Steven Kuykendall CA?36 B
Juanita Millender
?McDonald CA?37 A
Stephen Horn CA?38 C
Edward Royce CA?39 A
Jerry Lewis CA?40 A
Gary Miller CA?41 A
George Brown CA?42 C
Ken Calvert CA?43 A
Mary Bono CA?44 A
Dana Rohrabacher CA?45 A
Loretta Sanchez CA?46 F
Christopher Cox CA?47 A
Brian Bilbray CA?49 F
Bob Filner CA?50 F?
Randy Cunningham CA?51 A
Duncan Hunter CA?52 A
Diana DeGette CO?1 F?
Mark Udall CO?2 F?
Scott McInnis CO?3 A
Bob Schaffer CO?4 A
Joel Hefley CO?5 A
Tom Tancredo CO?6 A
John Larson CT?1 F?
Sam Gejdenson CT?2 F?
Rosa DeLauro CT?3 F?
Christopher Shays CT?4 F?
James Maloney CT?5 F?
Nancy Johnson CT?6 F
Michael Castle DE?1 F
Joe Scarborough FL?1 B
Allen Boyd FL?2 C
Corrine Brown FL?3 F?
Karen Thurman FL?5 C
Clifford Stearns FL?6 A
John Mica FL?7 A
Michael Bilirakis FL?9 A
Bill Young FL?10 A
Jim Davis FL?11 F
Dan Miller FL?13 B
Porter Goss FL?14 B
Dave Weldon FL?15 A
Mark Foley FL?16 A
Carrie Meek FL?17 F?
Ileana Ros?Lehtinen FL?18 B
Robert Wexler FL?19 F?
Peter Deutsch FL?20 F?
Lincoln Diaz?Balart FL?21 B
Clay Shaw FL?22 A
Alcee Hastings FL?23 F?
Jack Kingston GA?1 A
Sanford Bishop GA?2 C
Mac Collins GA?3 A
Cynthia McKinney GA?4 F?
John Lewis GA?5 F?
Johnny Isakson GA?6 A
Bob Barr GA?7 A
Saxby Chambliss GA?8 A
Nathan Deal GA?9 A
Charlie Norwood GA?10 A
John Linder GA?11 A
Neil Abercrombie HI?1 F?
Patsy Mink HI?2 F?
Jim Leach IA?1 C
Jim Nussle IA?2 A
Leonard Boswell IA?3 C
Greg Ganske IA?4 B
Tom Latham IA?5 A
Michael Simpson ID?2 A
Bobby Rush IL?1 F
Jesse Jackson IL?2 F?
William Lipinski IL?3 F
Luis Gutierrez IL?4 F?
Rod Blagojevich IL?5 F?
Henry Hyde IL?6 A
Danny Davis IL?7 F?
Philip Crane IL?8 A
Jan Schakowsky IL?9 F?
Jerry Weller IL?11 A
Jerry Costello IL?12 F
Judy Biggert IL?13 B
Denny Hastert IL?14 A
Donald Manzullo IL?16 A
Lane Evans IL?17 F?
Ray LaHood IL?18 A
David Phelps IL?19 F
John Shimkus IL?20 A
Peter Visclosky IN?1 F?
Tim Roemer IN?3 F
Mark Souder IN?4 A
Steve Buyer IN?5 A
Dan Burton IN?6 A
John Hostettler IN?8 A
Baron Hill IN?9 C
Julia Carson IN?10 F?
Jerry Moran KS?1 A
Jim Ryun KS?2 A
Todd Tiahrt KS?4 A
Edward Whitfield KY?1 A
Ron Lewis KY?2 A
Anne Northup KY?3 A
Kenneth Lucas KY?4 A
Harold Rogers KY?5 A
Ernie Fletcher KY?6 A
David Vitter LA?1 A
William Jefferson LA?2 F
Billy Tauzin LA?3 A
James McCrery LA?4 A
John Cooksey LA?5 A
Richard Baker LA?6 A
Chris John LA?7 A
John Olver MA?1 F?
Richard Neal MA?2 F?
James McGovern MA?3 F?
Barney Frank MA?4 F?
Martin Meehan MA?5 F?
John Tierney MA?6 F?
Edward Markey MA?7 F?
Michael Capuano MA?8 F?
John Moakley MA?9 F?
William Delahunt MA?10 F?
Wayne Gilchrest MD?1 C
Robert Ehrlich MD?2 B
Benjamin Cardin MD?3 F?
Albert Wynn MD?4 F?
Steny Hoyer MD?5 F
Roscoe Bartlett MD?6 A
Elijah Cummings MD?7 F?
Constance Morella MD?8 F?
Thomas Allen ME?1 F?
John Baldacci ME?2 F?
Bart Stupak MI?1 F
Pete Hoekstra MI?2 A
Vernon Ehlers MI?3 B
Dave Camp MI?4 A
James Barcia MI?5 C
Frederick Upton MI?6 C
Nick Smith MI?7 A
Dale Kildee MI?9 F?
David Bonior MI?10 F?
Joe Knollenberg MI?11 A
Sander Levin MI?12 F?
Lynn Rivers MI?13 F
John Conyers MI?14 F?
Carolyn Kilpatrick MI?15 F?
John Dingell MI?16 F?
Gil Gutknecht MN?1 A
David Minge MN?2 F
Jim Ramstad MN?3 F
Bruce Vento MN?4 F?
Martin Sabo MN?5 F?
Bill Luther MN?6 F?
Collin Peterson MN?7 B
James Oberstar MN?8 F
Richard Gephardt MO?3 F?
Ike Skelton MO?4 B
Karen McCarthy MO?5 F?
Pat Danner MO?6 B
Roy Blunt MO?7 A
Jo Ann Emerson MO?8 A
Kenny Hulshof MO?9 B
Roger Wicker MS?1 A
Charles Pickering MS?3 A
Ronnie Shows MS?4 B
Gene Taylor MS?5 B
Eva Clayton NC?1 F?
Bob Etheridge NC?2 F
Walter Jones NC?3 B
David Price NC?4 F?
Richard Burr NC?5 A
Howard Coble NC?6 A
Mike McIntyre NC?7 B
Robin Hayes NC?8 A
Sue Myrick NC?9 A
Cass Ballenger NC?10 A
Charles Taylor NC?11 A
Melvin Watt NC?12 F?
Earl Pomeroy ND?1 C
John Sununu NH?1 A
Charles Bass NH?2 B
Robert Andrews NJ?1 F?
Frank LoBiondo NJ?2 C
James Saxton NJ?3 F
Christopher Smith NJ?4 F
Marge Roukema NJ?5 F
Frank Pallone NJ?6 F?
William Pascrell NJ?8 F
Steve Rothman NJ?9 F?
Donald Payne NJ?10 F
Rodney Frelinghuysen NJ?11 C
Rush Holt NJ?12 F?
Robert Menendez NJ?13 F?
Heather Wilson NM?1 A
Joe Skeen NM?2 A
Tom Udall NM?3 F?
Shelley Berkley NV?1 F
Jim Gibbons NV?2 A
Michael Forbes NY?1 F
Peter King NY?3 B
Carolyn McCarthy NY?4 F?
Gary Ackerman NY?5 F?
Gregory Meeks NY?6 F?
Joseph Crowley NY?7 F?
Jerrold Nadler NY?8 F?
Anthony Weiner NY?9 F?
Edolphus Towns NY?10 F?
Major Owens NY?11 F?
Nydia Velazquez NY?12 F?
Vito Fossella NY?13 B
Carolyn Maloney NY?14 F
Charles Rangel NY?15 F?
Jose Serrano NY?16 F?
Eliot Engel NY?17 F?
Nita Lowey NY?18 F?
Sue Kelly NY?19 F
Benjamin Gilman NY?20 F
Michael McNulty NY?21 F?
John Sweeney NY?22 A
Sherwood Boehlert NY?23 F
John McHugh NY?24 B
James Walsh NY?25 B
Maurice Hinchey NY?26 F?
Thomas Reynolds NY?27 A
Louise Slaughter NY?28 F?
John LaFalce NY?29 F?
Jack Quinn NY?30 C
Amo Houghton NY?31 C
Steve Chabot OH?1 B
Rob Portman OH?2 B
Tony Hall OH?3 F
Michael Oxley OH?4 A
Paul Gillmor OH?5 A
Ted Strickland OH?6 F
David Hobson OH?7 A
John Boehner OH?8 A
Marcy Kaptur OH?9 F?
Dennis Kucinich OH?10 F?
Stephanie Tubbs Jones OH?11 F?
John Kasich OH?12 A
Sherrod Brown OH?13 F?
Thomas Sawyer OH?14 F?
Deborah Pryce OH?15 A
Ralph Regula OH?16 A
James Traficant OH?17 A
Robert Ney OH?18 A
Steve LaTourette OH?19 B
Steve Largent OK?1 A
Tom Coburn OK?2 B
Wes Watkins OK?3 A
J.C. Watts OK?4 A
Ernest Istook OK?5 A
Frank Lucas OK?6 A
David Wu OR?1 F?
Greg Walden OR?2 A
Peter DeFazio OR?4 F?
Darlene Hooley OR?5 F?
Robert Brady PA?1 F?
Chaka Fattah PA?2 F?
Robert Borski PA?3 F?
John Peterson PA?5 A
Tim Holden PA?6 C
Curt Weldon PA?7 B
James Greenwood PA?8 C
Bud Shuster PA?9 A
Donald Sherwood PA?10 A
Paul Kanjorski PA?11 F?
John Murtha PA?12 B
Joseph Hoeffel PA?13 F?
William Coyne PA?14 F?
Patrick Toomey PA?15 B
Joseph Pitts PA?16 A
George Gekas PA?17 A
Michael Doyle PA?18 C
William Goodling PA?19 A
Frank Mascara PA?20 C
Phil English PA?21 A
Patrick Kennedy RI?1 F?
Robert Weygand RI?2 F?
Floyd Spence SC?2 A
Lindsey Graham SC?3 A
Jim DeMint SC?4 A
John Spratt SC?5 F
James Clyburn SC?6 F?
John Thune SD?1 A
William Jenkins TN?1 A
John Duncan TN?2 A
Zach Wamp TN?3 A
Van Hilleary TN?4 A
Bob Clement TN?5 C
Bart Gordon TN?6 C
Ed Bryant TN?7 A
John Tanner TN?8 B
Harold Ford TN?9 F?
Max Sandlin TX?1 A
Jim Turner TX?2 B
Sam Johnson TX?3 A
Ralph Hall TX?4 A
Pete Sessions TX?5 A
Joe Barton TX?6 A
Kevin Brady TX?8 A
Nick Lampson TX?9 F
Lloyd Doggett TX?10 F?
Chet Edwards TX?11 C
Kay Granger TX?12 A
Mac Thornberry TX?13 A
Ron Paul TX?14 B
Ruben Hinojosa TX?15 F
Silvestre Reyes TX?16 F
Charles Stenholm TX?17 A
Sheila Jackson Lee TX?18 F
Larry Combest TX?19 A
Charlie Gonzalez TX?20 F?
Lamar Smith TX?21 A
Tom DeLay TX?22 A
Henry Bonilla TX?23 A
Martin Frost TX?24 F
Ken Bentsen TX?25 F
Richard Armey TX?26 A
Solomon Ortiz TX?27 C
Ciro Rodriguez TX?28 F?
Gene Green TX?29 F
Eddie Johnson TX?30 F?
James Hansen UT?1 A
Merrill Cook UT?2 A
Christopher Cannon UT?3 A
Robert Scott VA?3 F?
Norman Sisisky VA?4 B
Virgil Goode (I ) VA?5 A
Bob Goodlatte VA?6 A
James Moran VA?8 F
Rick Boucher VA?9 F
Frank Wolf VA?10 A
Thomas Davis VA?11 B
Bernard Sanders (I ) VT?1 F?
Jay Inslee WA?1 F?
Jack Metcalf WA?2 A
Brian Baird WA?3 F?
Doc Hastings WA?4 A
George Nethercutt WA?5 A
Norman Dicks WA?6 F?
Jim McDermott WA?7 C
Jennifer Dunn WA?8 A
Adam Smith WA?9 F?
Paul Ryan WI?1 B
Tammy Baldwin WI?2 F
Ron Kind WI?3 F?
Gerald Kleczka WI?4 F?
Thomas Barrett WI?5 F?
Thomas Petri WI?6 A
David Obey WI?7 F?
Mark Green WI?8 A
James Sensenbrenner WI?9 A
Alan Mollohan WV?1 B
Nick Rahall WV?3 F
Barbara Cubin WY?1 A

A Good friend of OHVs
B Friend of OHVs
C Neutral on OHVs
F Against OHVs
F? Strongly Against OHVs


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