The 2018 Tennessee Knockout is one week away and will be stacked with more international riders then ever. The event is a single weekend National Championship which has attracted a lot of racers. We have seen all the Extreme races leading up to TKO that served as qualifiers for the final, and only race that matters in the National Championship, TKO. The American riders have all made their marks in the previous races and qualified in but some International riders have also been invited. This is what we have heard, its not set in stone until they show up but these riders have either committed or shown interest.

Wade Young Wade Young fresh off of his Redbull Romaniacs win has been confirmed to race TKO aboard his Sherco 300. Young has competed there before and finished 2nd place to Cody Webb two years ago.


Speaking of Cody Webb, he is coming off a broken foot sustained at Erzberg and just started riding this week. We spoke with Cody and he is feeling confident and will be ready for TKO. He has been dominant at this race since 2013.


Mario Roman Mario Roman raced the event last year finishing 3rd, he is supposed to be there on his Sherco 300 alongside Wade Young.


Colton Haaker
Rockstar Husqvarna’s Colton Haaker who missed the event last year when he injured himself just before the race has been confirmed for this years event.


Travis Teasdale
Travis Teasdale from South Africa has confirmed he will be at the event for his first time, the Factory Beta rider has been doing well in the WESS series.


Manuel Lettenbichler
Manuel Lettenbichler has been riding really well this year in the WESS series and is rumored to be making the race for his first time.


We can’t mention all the Americans in this post showing up because there are so many but here are  some to look out for. Beta’s Jordan Ashburn just won the Battle Of The Goats last week and will be there, he has raced it many times before. Sherco rider Nick Farhinger will also be there, he won the Mad Moose TKO qualifier race a couple months back and just finished 2nd at Battle Of The Goats. Trail Jesters KTM Racing’s Ben Kelley won the Tough Like RORR qualifier and will be there. Trystan Hart will be attending his first TKO, the SRT Team rider has been winning a lot of different races this year and finished 2nd at The Last Dog Standing qualifier.


Photo Credit Redbull Content Pool

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