Dear Mr. Know-It-All,
I am wondering, what’s the best thing to wear under knee braces? What do the pro off-road guys do to keep from rubbing their legs raw in long races? I have tried the tall socks. EVS and Fly have held up the best. Fox is junk. Moose isn’t so great. Trying some of the TLD Shock Doctor Hot Weather base-layer pants now. Not bad, but still not the most comfortable. I am running DonJoy Defiance III braces with the chamois pads. Any help or ticks of the trades would be much appreciated.
“Rubbed Raw”
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Well, “Rubbed Raw,” it looks like you have covered quite a bit of territory here. Here’s what I dug up from a short list of riders who have worn knee braces for years. All of this came from Mike Webb, who managed all of these guys during their factory rides.

Paul Whibley: “‘Whibs’ was so gnarly that I’m pretty sure he just strapped his braces onto bare legs.”

Josh Strang: “Josh wore full-length Lycra with moto socks and CTis over the top.”

James Stewart: “James wore Lycra shorts, then moto socks, then CTi leg sleeves, then the braces. He would fold the top of the leg sleeve over the top of the brace to the top of the patella cup, then put on his pants.”

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