What does CMC #1 and PITPROMX.COM have in common?

What does CMC #1 and PITPROMX.COM have in common? Russ Wageman, that’s what. Since 1991 Russ and his guys, and gals have built up PIT PRO as the place to go if you needed anything for your MX bike, Quad, Rhino or even a Street bike or two. With a huge store that carries everything from spark plugs to Titanium exhaust systems and most every brand of gear and accessories available, PITPROMX.COM is now ready to take the show on the road. PITPROMX.COM is sure to become your one stop shop for everything you’ll ever need to hop up you bike, replace a broken part or get the very latest in gear and protection. The all new web site is easy to navigate and shop from and with just a few clicks you can fill your cart and be on your way. Products ship as fast as overnight and PITPROMX.COM takes all credit cards and other forms of payment. If you’re not sure what suspension settings to use on your 1986 Yamaha 250 just ask Russ, he did get 14th in Supercross that year.
For more information on PITPROMX.COM or PIT PRO Parts and Accessories call
Pit Pro at (661) 255-5101 or (866) 474-8776 (non-California Residents)
(Mon-Sat 9-6)(Sun 10-4)Pacific Standard Time
By fax: (661) 799-4965
Pit Pro Parts and Accessories is located at 23750 Lyons Ave Newhall, CA 91321
[email protected]

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