Dear Dirt Bike
Great story on the Valli Motorsports program, however there were some incorrect remarks regarding Charles Halcomb’s tenure at Suzuki. I officially took over the Suzuki off road program in July of 1992, I’m extremely proud of the accomplishments that my program has attained and I don’t wish to see it tarnished with miss information. Here are the true facts regarding Suzuki Off Road.
Enduro Champs                            Rider                               Suzuki Team mgr.
1991                              Jeff Russell                       Halcomb
1992                              R. Hawkins                       BertramWebb
1993                              R. Hawkins                       Webb
1994                              S. Hatch                           Webb
Hare Scramble Champions
1993                                       R. Smith                          Webb
1994                                       R. Smith                          Webb
1995                                       R. Smith                          Webb
Reliability Enduro Champion
1994                                     R. Smith                           Webb
1996                                     R. Smith                           Webb
1997                                     R. Smith                           Webb
1998                                     R. Smith                           Webb
GNCC Champion
     1998                                      R. Smith                            Webb
     1999                                      R. Smith                            Webb
     2001                                      R. Smith                            Webb
     2002                                      R. Smith                            Webb
     2004                                      R. Smith                            Webb
WORCS Champion
      2001                                    M. Kiedrowski                     Webb
      2002                                    M. Kiedrowski                     Webb
OMA Champion
      2005                                    J. Jarrett                             Webb
      2006                                    J. Jarrett                             Webb
      2007                                    J. Jarrett                             Webb
      2008                                    P. Whibbley                        Webb

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