Vote for the best of the best in Dirt Bike’s Top 100 off-road rider list

The fourth annual list of the top 100 off-road riders is coming. In case you were in orbit or something, this is Dirt Bike’s annual who’s who in off-road racing, published in the April issue. In 2006, Juha Salminen was the first man to top the list, followed by David Knight, then Kurt Caselli last year.
      This isn’t meant to be a recap of the year that was. It’s the pecking order at the beginning of each new season. It’s restricted to riders currently competing in America. That means that some riders are ineligible; those who just retired or will not compete in the upcoming year for other reasons. David Knight, for example, will not be racing in the U.S. in 2009, so he won’t be considered for the list.
      For the 2009 season, the selection of the top rider is harder than ever. That’s why we need your help. Submit your nomination for the man of the year right here. You can use this list as a reference or you can write in your own favorite, but only vote for one.
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