The Viewfinders GP is one of the oldest continuously running off-road races in America, and it continued this weekend in the high-desert town of Ridgecrest, California. At the end of the weekend, the winner in the pro class was a familiar one. Ox Motorsports’ Zach Bell took the checkered flag first, but it didn’t look like it would go that way until the last few laps. RPM’s Eric Yorba was the fastest man in Saturday’s WCGP, leading the other pros from the first lap. At first it was Blayne Thompson who took a shot at reeling him in. Then it was Bell’s turn to try to catch Yorba. The gap increased and decreased over the next hour, but Yorba’s lead seemed safe. JCR’s Trevor Stewart took a run on Bell in the later laps with Thompson settling into fourth ahead of , Mark Samuels, Travis Damon and Justin Seeds. Everything was mixed up in the fins three laps. Samuels ran out of gas, Thompson broke down and then Yorba broke a fuel tank vent. He lost enough fuel that he, too, ran out. In his case, however, he was stranded too far from the pits and had to push his bike for about 15 minutes. Bell went on to win, padding his points lead with two round left. Stewart was second ahead of Seeds, Damon and Samuels.


Zach Bell stretched his points lead in the Big 6 Pro class even further with a win at the Viewfinders GP.
At the end of lap one, Eric Yorba had a big lead. No one could reel him in until the late laps when misfortune struck.
As the race came to a close, Yorba’s luck ran out. A broken fuel tank vent drained his tank and he pushed his KTM to the pits.
Blayne Thompson was another race casualty. He held second early in the race, but eventually broke down.
JCR’s Trevor Stewart diced with Zach Bell through most of the race, eventually settling for second.
Justin Seeds waited patently and the race came to him. He climbed to a podium finish in the closing laps.
Ox Motorsports’ Mark Samuels ran out of gas but still managed a fifth place finish behind Travis Damon.
Kevin Dejongh (left) won the 250 expert class after racing with vet expert Jeff Trulove for much of the race.
Gordon Ward continued his amazing three-class run. He won the +30 expert and the +50 expert classes on Saturday, then won the 40 experts on Sunday. In the +30 class, he had to work hard to stay in front of Nick Burson.
Mitch Anderson climbed well into the top 10 from the second row to win the Pro 2 class over Clay Hengeveld and Beau Baron.

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