Freestyle Moto-X professional Vicki Golden set a new worlds record Sunday live on the History Channels Evil Live 2 event filmed in San Bernardino California. Golden smashed her Indian FTR 1200 S motorcycle through 13 wooden walls of fire one her way to making history. The previous record stood for twelve years !

“This was such an iconic record to go after,” Golden told Good Morning America on Monday. “It’s not something you hear about every day, everyone always wants to jump as far as they can possibly go and this was just something that just felt so good that it was inspired by Evel Knievel himself that I just had to go after it.”

Vicki warms up the crowd with a pre-stunt wheelie on her Indian FTR1200S.
A member of Vicki’s crew setting the final “firewall” ablaze. There were thirteen of these helpers to set each one of the gates on fire and then extinguish the flames after Golden had gone through.
This was the thirteenth and final wall Vicki had to go through in order to clinch the record.
Here’s that same thirteenth helper ensuring the fire was fully eradicated.
The kind of smiles you see after setting a world record.

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