Romain Febvre scored first in the MXGP class at Glen Helen.
Romain Febvre scored first in the MXGP class at Glen Helen.


The first day of GP action concluded on Saturday with a score of Visitors 2, Home 0. Outgoing world champion Romain Febvre scored the win in the MXGP 450 qualifying race while newly crowned MX2 Champions Jeffery Herlings ran away with the 250 class. Herlings made it a point beforehand to say that this race was very important to him despite having clinched the championship on America soil last week. It will be his last GP in the 250 class and he wants to go out with a win. Austin Forkner did everything he could to prevent that by passing Herlings early in the race and setting what would be the fastest time of the entire moto. But Herlings came back within a few laps and easily pulled out to a comfortable lead. Jeremy Martin debuted his new Geico Honda in third. Justin Hill  and Justin Hoeft were the next U.S. riders, in fifth and sixth, behind Max Anstie.

Jeff Herlings dominated MX2 qualifying.
Jeff Herlings dominated MX2 qualifying.

Febvre was unchallenged in the lead of the 450 class, with Max Nagl and Dean Wilson following throughout the race. Eli Tomac got a terrible start, only to be outdone by Tony Cairoli, who was dead last. They cut through to finish sixth and 11th, respectively.

This race meant little aside from start position as all the same rider will line up tomorrow for the main show.

Eli Tomac had a terrible qualifying race, but that won’t matter on Sunday.
Jeremy Martin is healed up and going fast on his new bike.
Austin Forkner knows how to go faster than Herlings, at least for short periods.

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