Update on Wattsy!

G’day Everyone,

Thanks for the outstanding support I have received from everyone since I crashed last Thursday while setting up for a Dirt Wise school near Kansas City. Pretty much is was just one of those dumb, slow crashes at only about 5mph (which probably should not have even happened). Amyway, as I went off a 3 meter high creek bank the engine stalled, which resulted in an abrupt endo and trip over the hangers. I landed sprawled out flat on the creek bed and the bike proceeded to have an intense, direct impact on my spinal column just below my shoulder blades. This resulted in three broken ribs, but more importantly multiple fractures to the six vertebrae between T3 and T8.

Following several days of hospitalization in Kansas City and a flight back to Charlotte, NC to see our specialists here, there were conflicting opinions about the severity of the injury and the best option for total recovery. With more consulting today it was determined that one on the vertebrae had started to collaspe and that surgery was the only option.

Therefore I’ll be heading in tomorrow (Thursday Oct 8) for surgery to have the fractured vertebrae fused together. I’ll spend approximately 3 days in hospital for observation and pain management but then will be able to walk on out of there and begin light, every day activities as I continue to heal. Following about three months of recovery and rehab the specialist says I’ll be ready to get back out on the trails again and get into it!

So again, thanks heaps to everyone for their emails of support as we really appreciate that. We will post updates to our website every few days following the surgery to let those who are interested know what my progress is.
Also, check us out on Facebook for additional updates-just search ‘Shane Watts’ and become a fan.

I can tell you though that I am pretty disappointed that this injury prevented us from attending the ISDE (6-day) in Portugal, from Oct 12-17. I was planning on making this my last ISDE ever. Unfortunately this is not the ending I was looking for….

There are still about 5 shirts available for giveaway for groups for fundraisers/raffles.  If your group is doing something to raise money, drop us a line and tell us about it and we will send you out a shirt to raffle off!

We’ll see you all back out on the trails again soon!
Thanks for reading!

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