U.S. G.P. Enduro

U.S. G.P. Enduro

The U.S. G.P. Enduro on July 21-22, 2007 in Hancock, New York, will be the 5th round of the Maxxis-F.I.M. World Enduro Championship.

There will be riders in attendance from all over the world and for the convenience of riders traveling from Europe, there are two rounds scheduled in North America. Round #5 will take place in Hancock, New York, located in the beautiful upper Delaware region of New York State. Hancock has been the long time host of many enduro and dual sport events. The residents there have always been very warm to the participants and spectators at these events. From there the riders will travel to Perry Sound, Canada on July 28-29, 2007.

This event will mark the second time the World Enduro Championship has had events in North America. This is an excellent opportunity for sponsors to get involved at the beginning of a terrific event, which will attract motorcycle publications coverage, as well as television coverage.

The event will include 4 laps of 30 miles each. All of the checkpoints and Special tests will be in one area, which will help make service areas much more accessible.

The event entrees will be limited to only world-class riders and will not exceed 150 riders; this insures a media friendly and exciting event for spectators.

Spectators will be given, for a small cost, a program and an all-access wristband which will cover parking and entrance to all spectator areas.

Make your reservations now and for this information, please check our website.

For more information and updates see www.usgpenduro.com.

For local information, maps, accommodations and restaurants see www.hancockareachamber.com


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