The Motofab Industries KX300AF off-road build is complete! This week on Two-Stroke Tuesday we give you an exclusive first look brought to you by Boyesen. Products from Motorex Oils, Cycra Plastics and STI Tires are featured in the 2-Stroke Hardware section. Enjoy the sweet sounds of our two-stroke projects in 2-Stroke Theater. Are you looking to buy a used two-stroke? We made a list of the 10 best bikes to buy, click the link at the end of this post!

Our KX300AF turns some heads everywhere it goes! This version has a host of bolt-on items from FMF, Tusk, Precision Concepts, Acerbis, Fasst Company, Boyesen, Nitro Mousse, ARC and much more.

Here are the major fabricated parts that go into MotoFabs KX two-stroke frame conversion. You can send your parts to Howard and for around 2K you will get it back ready to drop in a 250-300cc power plant.

For this project Howie used the 1999 KX250 engine with a 300cc big bore cylinder and Boyesen Rad Valve system. The transmission is also converted into a wide ratio model.

We used a headlight on our build but a stock KX450 number plate off a pre 2016 model bolts right up to the Ride Engineering triple clamps if that look is preferred .

The pipe is a real cone pipe built specifically for this engine by MotoFab and a FMF silencer is used because thats what they feel works the best.

Decal Works topped off the build with a set of graphics and matching seat cover. Precision Concepts helped in the handling department. This build features Fasst Company Flex bars, Ride Engineering triple clamps with rubber bar mounts, ARC levers and an oversized Acerbis gas tank.


Howard Jenkins is the man behind all that is Motofab Industries. We all know the real boss is his wife Gina!


Motorex Cross Power Fully Synthetic 2T:

  • Fully synthetic high-performance 2-stroke off- road racing oil
  • Optimum off-road performance and wear protection
  • Extremely clean combustion / Anti-smoke formula
  • Premix and Injector/Autolube system compatible
  • Mix in accordance to manufacturer’s recommendation
  • Race quality


Cycra Husqvarna Power Flow Plastics:

• The all NEW Cycra Powerflow Shrouds for Husqvarna’s is finally here and it packs all of the Cycra signature features!
• Patented Cycra bypass airflow Technology or “powerflow” dramatically reduces Radiator, Fuel Tank & Engine Head
• Bypass scoop manipulates air velocity using a narrowing “powerflow channel” to acclerate airflow past the radiator
• Cools bike by maximizing your radiators efficiency Designed to match stock OEM graphic templates
• Injection molded, precise fit and high gloss finish
• Made in the USA


STI Tech 2 Tires:

The new Tech 2 PRO tires use a varied-pitch tread in a pattern with fewer center knobs and a concentrated shoulder formation to maximize performance in both loose and packed terrain conditions. Engineers strategically tuned the PRO’s lightweight carcass for the optimum balance of stiffness and flex.



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