We look back at a 2006 CR250R Jeremy McGrath replica project bike built with the help of Pro Circuits Mitch Payton and Bones Bacon on this weeks Two-Stroke Tuesday brought to you by Boyesen. Check out the premix products from Athena, Maxima Oils and Ride Engineering in 2-stroke Hardware. Don’t miss the exclusive link to Robby Bell and Justin Seeds 2003 off-road KX250 build at the bottom of this post!

On January 14th 2006 in Phoenix Arizona Jeremy McGrath would finish 2nd in his heat race and in the main event he miss the podium by one spot. Not bad for a retired old racer on a machine that finished last in the 250cc shootout that year.

These bad boys were trick back in the day! Machined out of billet aluminum and featured an on the fly cable adjuster.

We even got the King himself to put his stamp of approval on it.

The power was all in the top-end. Mitch Payton modified the cylinder, power-valve and head just like he had McGrath’s. The best way to describe the power-band was “angry.”

The triple clamps were Pro Circuit specials and the most popular offset was stock but other options were available.

After riding the finished product we can see how McGrath gave the young guns of Supercross fits. The machine encouraged going fast and getting  loose.



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Robby Bell, Ryan Abbatoye and Justin Seeds had a ridiculous idea. They decided to take a 12 year-old motorcycle to one of the toughest races in California. The result was even more bizarre.  Here’s how they transformed a forgotten motorcycle into the winner of the 10 Hours of Glen Helen, as told by Robby Bell himself. CLICK THE IMAGE FOR MORE

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