On this weeks Two-Stroke Tuesday brought to you by Boyesen we remember the bike that interrupted Jeremy McGrath’s Supercross title win streak. 2-Stroke theater is packed with full length Supercross footage from the LA Coliseum, Pontiac, Dallas and Minneapolis. As always we show you some hardware for the premix junkie and this week we give you a run down of our brand new video series “RAW”.

DSC_2562 copy 2

Definitely one of the trickiest looking machines of 1997 and of all time for that matter. Jeff Emig’s KX250SR tuned by Jeremy Albrecht had it all. Powder coated frame, carbon fiber, cool graphics and tons of factory parts.

DSC_2561 copy 2

Check out this one-off silencer that combines the stock unit with some carbon fiber.


DSC_2557 copy 2

Simple yet screaming factory at the same time. The engine package was designed to be easy to control but still offer tons of usable power.

DSC_2552 copy 2

The carbon fiber components were all made by Berg Racing .

DSC_2551 copy 2

Thats the real deal ! Factory pipe cone pipe.

DSC_2564 copy 2


2-STROKE THEATER : 1997 Flashback !



Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 12.35.58 PM


Handmade cone pipes with carbon fiber silencers straight out of Italy ! Scalvini  makes models for most popular 2-stroke models and even some that aren’t popular. Get more information at or just click the image above.


Looking to rebuild your two-stroke ? Wrench Rabbit kits come with everything you need minus a mechanic to do the work and are way easier on the wallet than OEM parts. has all the info.

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Add some bling to those stock wheels with a little love from Dubya. They now offer Cerakote finishes combined with a complete wheel building service. Interested check them out at


IN THE RAW ! Here is a quick look at our 2-Stroke “RAW” video series.


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