In this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday brought to you by Boyesen, we give you an exclusive first look at our 2017 Husqvarna TX300 trail project. 2-Stroke Hardware features items from Rekluse, Fender Bench and Mettec Titanium while 2-Stroke Theater is all about extreme enduro superstar Cody Webb. Scroll all the way down for an exclusive link to our KTM 300 project. You don’t want to miss this one!

DSC_2359 copyWe wanted a little more pep, linkage and air forks on our trail bike. Oh and it had to have a headlight for those rides that go a little long. This is what we came up with.

DSC_2370 copyThe Supersprox Stealth sprocket, TM Designs chain guide and Bulletproof swingarm protector are all upgrades from the stock units.

DSC_2374 copyScar titanium foot pegs provide a wider platform than the stock pegs and have a more aggressive tooth design.

DSC_2352 copyThe Dunlop D803 trials tire offers great traction at low speeds on just about any type of terrain.

DSC_2345 copy

An IMS oversized tank is a must for almost every off-road build. Having extra fuel capacity is never a bad  thing and the tanks today don’t really make the bikes feel any bigger than it does in stock trim.


DSC_2380 copyBe sure to check out an upcoming issue of the magazine for the complete test on our Husqvarna TX300 trail project.




Want to top-off that two-stroke build? Titanium makes everything better and the crew at Mettec Titanium have just about anything you could ever want.

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The Fenderbench is designed to fit over the rear fender of a motocross dirt bike. It can accommodate almost all of today’s popular and widely owned dirt bike sizes and types. The design is simple to slide on, easy to ship, durable and effective. The Fenderbench itself is surrounded by a 1-1/2″ lip. With six separate sections inside the Fenderbench, this allows parts from different areas of work to be kept together yet separate during the phases of the mechanics project. Keeping things very organized; Talk about simplicity!

Price : $ 24.95

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DSC_6034 copy

Rekluse is combining Torque Drive and the EXP Auto-clutch technology into one unit that will be out later this year! The Radius X with be the best of both worlds.

Price : $ TBD

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Did you miss our KTM 300 off-road project? Don’t worry, CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW to see it now !

DSC_2425 copy

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