In this weeks Two Stroke Tuesday brought to you by we take you back in time to 1982 with Donnie Hansens factory Honda RC250 give you some video footage of the Supercross season that made him a champion, put every 2017 2-stroke at your fingertips and give you an exclusive look at our “Bling On A Budget” 2001 CR125 all finished up.

dsc_9822Donnie”Holeshot”Hansens Supercross Championship winning Honda RC250 was as factory as it could be. Trick custom one off parts everywhere you look. 

dsc_9808 Aluminum airbox, handmade cone pipe, brake pedal guard and check out the carburetor lettering ! The RC250 pipe was actually on the opposite side of the production model to allow room for the larger gas tank and one of the reasons for a handmade aluminum airbox. 

dsc_9809 These vented front number plates just screamed factory back in 1982. Event to this day on modern water-cooled machines airflow is important just imagine how important it was then. 

dsc_9810The longer you look at Hansens RC250 the cooler it gets ! This bike just looks fast sitting on the stand.

dsc_9811 Gold rims and yes that is an 18 inch rear wheel on a Supercross race bike. The drive system and the rear brake all on the right hand side. Talk about lots going on.

dsc_9813 This is way before sticker kits ! Back when once the bike building was done the real artwork began . Sticker placement  could take hours to put on and only seconds to remove.

dsc_9815 This gives an entirely new meaning to “Factory Shorty Silencer”.

dsc_9816 Thats an aluminum that features a fuel pump to get the gas out of the lower portion.


Factory Showa piggy back shock.


dsc_9819Check out how they painted the bottom part of the tank the same color as the engine and how trick the fabrication on the tank is. All just to make sure the kick starter fits. Yes thats a kick starter on the left hand side.

dsc_9820YEP thats not production! 



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A quick look into the future of whats to come next Tuesday !


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