In this weeks 2-Stroke Tuesday brought to you by we take a close look at a CR125 AF conversion that Italian superstar and former 125 world champion Alessio Chiodi actually raced at the Italian championships earlier this year. We don’t stop there! How about a sneak peak behind closed doors to see what we have in the works, the sweet sound of 2-stroke videos from the creative mind Travis Fant and our 2017 Two Stroke buyers guide !  

dsc_0063This is another aluminum frame conversion we spotted in the pits at the MXoN in Italy built by “The A Team”. This build is particularly interesting because we just happen to be doing something similar at the moment. CR125 engine in a 2016 chassis sounds like a blast to us! dsc_0078We couldn’t get exact specifications on the internals but the CR125 power plant was harvested from a mid ’90s steel framed model. The head is a conversation piece that we are trying to get more information. 

dsc_0081 The carbon fiber tank is made by CMT Composites and is an absolute work of art ! 

dsc_0080Xtrig clamps just add to the bikes bling factor making the overall package easy on the eyes.

dsc_0068Maybe a tad bit of overkill in the peg department but hey your boots are going to stay in place.


Here is a little sneak peak into what we are working on in the world of 2-strokes. SHHHHHH don’t tell anyone we showed you!

img_6417 What year is it ? Well to be honest we are a little confused now but it’s headed towards 2017 in the looks department.

img_6418If we are updating the looks might as well see if we can make the engine exactly what we want. Smooth power delivery and easy to ride all around power. Yep sounds good to us.

uthk4642Now this is all new for us. AHM Factory Services is working on a Yamaha YZ250 build and using the R-Tech Revolution plastics kit. The kit come complete with gas tank and all plastics fitting YZ125/250s all the way back to 2001.


Have you check out our YouTube channel yet ? We have a wide variety of 2-stroke specific videos for both stock and modified machines. 


Two-strokes aren’t going anywhere, and here’s proof. The 2017 2-stroke buyer’s guide has almost 50 bikes, and many of them are all new this year. This list includes off-road and MX bikes, plus there are even more coming later in the trials category. Stay tuned. CLICK THE LINK THE PICTURE BELOW !!!



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