A dual piped 2017 CR500AF masterpiece built by AEO Powersports is on display for your viewing pleasure during this weeks Two-Stroke Tuesday brought to you by Boyesen. Products from Cycra Plastics, Boyesen and STI Tires are showcased in 2-Stroke Hardware while 2-Stroke Theater has videos of must see premix project bikes. Don’t miss the exclusive link to the beginning of the AEO Powersports CR500AF build.

Why build a CR500AF using a new generation Honda aluminum frame? The crew at AEO Powersports in Arizona had a customer that wanted one, thats why. They had a lot of help along the way with most of the fabrication being done by Mike at Edgefinder and assembled by Derrick Ball.

This build features coated master cylinders, calipers and suspension components handled by MotoWhips.

An IMS oversized tank will increase fuel milage and Scott stabilizer with BRP mounting system was added for improved stability.

The engine cases were cleaned up by Justin at MotoWhips. Internally the transmission parts were tumbled and polished while the crank was balanced and atomized.

These are not standard issue from FMF. The CR500 exhaust was modified by Edgefinder along with the frame, intake and radiators.

So much eye candy in one picture it’s hard not to stare! Bolt-on items from Boyesen, P3 Carbon, Hammerhead Designs, IMS. Ride Engineering, FMF and Motohose.

This is the first new chassis CR500AF that we know about and we can’t wait to ride it. Stay tuned for a video in the upcoming weeks.




The new Tech 2 PRO tires use a varied-pitch tread in a pattern with fewer center knobs and a concentrated shoulder formation to maximize performance in both loose and packed terrain conditions. Engineers strategically tuned the PRO’s lightweight carcass for the optimum balance of stiffness and flex.

Price: $57.00-$74.00




Aerodynamic Surface Optimization, Model-Specific Reed Petal Tensioning, Material Fuel Resistance, and Multi-Stage Reed Timing. Together, these innovations create the next generation RC2 series Rad Valve from Boyesen for 2017-18 KTM 250/300cc two-strokes.

Price: $179.95


Maximize radiator efficiency by using the Cycra Powerflow Radiators. They are injection molded for a percise fitment and are equipped with Bypass airflow Technology to increase cooling effect. Cycra is one of the best in the business at producing high quality, race ready, radiator shrouds and plastics for everyone to use. There is a reason as to why professional race teams use Cycra plastics to make their race bikes look the best in the pits.


See more of the AEO Powersports CR500AF. Click the image below now!

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