A very trick looking 2006 KX250 built by test rider Jared Hicks is center stage on this weeks Two-Stroke Tuesday brought to you by Boyesen. The Hardware section on this weeks post has items from Wiseco and Barnett Clutches to rebuild your two-smoker and Sonic Tools has everything we need to complete the job. Need a 2-stroke music fix, don’t worry Two-Stroke theater has you covered. If you are in the market for a new two-stroke don’t miss the link at the bottom of this post!



This machine started out as a completely stock 2006 KX250 bought for around $1,500 off Craigslist and was transformed into what you see now by Backyard Designs USA CEO and test rider Jared Hicks with help from key companies like Pro Circuit, Boyesen, Ride Engineering, Faster USA, Morts Powersports and the Race Tech engine department.

Jared had some help from Morts Powersports in Alabama with the engine work. The lower-end was rebuilt using a Pro-X rod kit and bearings.

Race Tech’s engine department ported the cylinder and milled the head for more torque off bottom. A Pro Circuit exhaust and Boyesen Rad Valve were also added to increase performance.

Faster USA billet aluminum hubs anodized blue were laced up to Excel A-60 black rims.

Aftermarket bolt-ons from Boyesen, Torc1, Pro Circuit and CV4 helped complete this KX250 two-stroke build.

We call this build “The Alabama Slammer”. With a black frame and swingarm blended into black and white plastics accented with blue anodized parts most people have to stop and really look to figure out what kind of bike it is.




Wiseco Pro Lite Piston Kit is both a great OEM alternative and an easy way to boost the power. Choose stock bore sizes or go big bore, either way Wiseco pistons and rings will increase the power and last under racing conditions.

  • Dedicated forging
  • Race proven designs
  • CNC machined
  • High-performance ring set
  • Highest quality, alloy pin
  • Superior strength/wt. ratio utilizing Aerospace alloy
  • Extended life and sustained power
  • Precision machined, highest quality materials for optimal cam shape & profile for peak HP
  • Chosen by top race teams, in all forms of racing

Kit Includes:

  • Pistons
  • Rings
  • Circlips
  • Wrist Pin





Barnett Dirt Digger high-performance clutch kits feature clutch plates made with Barnett’s exclusive Carbon Fiber or Kevlar friction material, tempered steel drive plates, and a set of heavy duty springs that are 10-15% stiffer than OEM. The “CF” and Kevlar materials provide a stronger, more positive engagement and the ‘segmented’ friction material design increases oil flow to the clutch providing a smoother, more consistent performance and increased clutch life. The heavy-duty springs are shotpeened and heat-treated for extreme durability. All clutch kits are pre-measured for proper stack height prior to packaging to ensure reliable fit and performance.



Sonic Tools and Troy Lee Designs collaborated on the Moto toolbox solution sporting a custom-painted design and a limited number signed by the artist Troy Lee himself. The toolbox comes filled with an 88-piece tool set designed specifically for working on dirt bikes during a day at the track. The chest itself features an alloy construction throughout with a three-drawer pull-out design and a top that opens for additional tool storage. Internally, the top and each drawer is equipped with chemical-resistant and laser-cut-foam inlays that separate and clearly label each tool.


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