Two in a Row for Russell Bobbitt

Greensboro, GA – KTM Factory rider Russell Bobbitt took his second consecutive win in a row at the second round of the AMA National Enduro Series.


Bobbitt started well as he was only one of very few riders to correctly run the first test. He won that test, but it was later thrown out once it was determined that the majority of riders went off course. Nonetheless, he continued his winning trend and won the second and third tests. The only downfall to his winning campaign was on the fourth test when he suffered a mechanical problem where he lost time. He started to make up time in the 5th test but was still struggling with his set up. By the final test, his bike was back to running perfectly and he made up all the time he had lost to run away with the win.

His teammate, Mike Lafferty, finished a solid second place overall after remaining close to Bobbitt throughout the entire race. At the end of the event, there was only eleven seconds separating the two teammates. To complete the KTM podium, KTM Factory GNCC rider Cory Buttrick finished 3rd.

Next Event – Daytona Beach, FL – March 5, 2009

Overall Results –
1.Russell Bobbitt – KTM 32:32
2.Mike Lafferty – KTM 32:43
3.Cory Buttrick – KTM 33:50
4.Brad Bakken – KTM 35:47
5.Nick Fahringer – Husaberg 35:48

Overall Points –
1.Russell Bobbitt – 60
2.Cory Buttrick – 42
3.Mike Lafferty – 41
4.Brad Bakken – 31
5.Shane Watts – 29 

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