The Hard Enduro athletes competing in the Bad Medicine event in Little Hocking, Ohio got slammed with heavy rains making for seriously tough conditions. This was the second to last stop on the Kenda AMA Extreme Off-Road series where FMF KTM’s Trystan Hart and FactoryONE Sherco’s Cody Webb were in a virtual deadlock for the championship going into the weekend.

Trystan Hart: “It was a fun weekend at Ohio. We had lots of rain leading up to the race and with the clay dirt, we knew it was going to be an extremely difficult race. I had a very good start in the Main Event, which proved to be very important. I played it safe for a little bit, before getting into a grove and trying my best to keep it on two wheels for the remainder of the race. I’m extremely pumped to get my sixth win of the season at possibly one of the hardest tracks of the year!”

Saturday would have the riders complete two races on the day. Race one, which was a short six-mile loop, had Cody Webb winning, followed by Ryder Leblond of DRT Husqvarna and then Trystan Hart. The torrential rains came just after the race would begin, setting up a very gnarly conditions in the slick Ohio clay.

For the afternoon race, the rain bludgeoned the riders shortly after the start. Webb dominated again, winning wire to wire. Hart finished second, tailed by Ashburn, Taylor Robert and Ryder Leblond. The conditions became so nasty that only 16 riders were able to complete the ten-mile lap.

Cody Webb’s race recap: “I had a terrible first lap. Went down in first corner, jarred my back ten minutes in, got into the lead by the gnarly rock section and then just got ruined on a nasty hill climb that took me multiple attempts and I had a huge deficit. I made a big push and closed the gap to the point I could’ve won. Then I cramped up last lap and couldn’t get the job done. Tough day for me with moments of brilliance, mixed with bad mid race decisions.”  Photo mjsmotophotos

Sunday’s three-hour plus one-lap Main Event would be challenging, due to the slick conditions. Trystan Hart started in second but moved into a lead he would never relinquish. After a little more than four hours of racing, Hart ultimately secured victory by almost 13 and half minutes. Cody Webb had a miserable day crashing in the very first corner, for a last place start. Shortly after he hurt his back but pushed on where he actually took the lead on a tough rock section. He would give it all back on a slick hill climb that he had to attempt several times.

The final race of the Kenda AMA Extreme Off-Road is the Battle of the Goats at the Brushy Mountain Motorsport Park in Taylorsville, NC. It will take place on August 6th and 7th. The men’s overall champion will be crowned there. Trystan Hart has the championship lead after this weekend, with Cody Webb running five points behind him.

The Pro Podium. Webb-Hart-Leblond 2-1-3!

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