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Trystan Hart: “I had a great weekend at Battle of the Goats. Rain made the track a bit slippery on Sunday but after I got the holeshot, I just put my head down and focused on cleaning the hill climbs, which helped me maintain my lead. I’m happy to come out on top and win the championship!”


Claiming his sixth victory of the season at Sunday’s Battle of the Goats, FMF KTM Factory Racing’s Trystan Hart has clinched the 2021 AMA Extreme Overall Championship with a big win at Sunday’s season finale in Taylorsville, North Carolina. Cody Webb’s quest for the Kenda AMA Extreme Off-Road Championship came up just short as he needed to win the round in order to secure the championship. Ryder Leblond would round out the podium.

On Saturday, the riders took on a short 4.5 mile two loop qualifying race. Conditions were dry, dusty and hot. The race promoters only put in one of the “hard” sections for the qualifier making the pace very fast. Trystan Hart would win the prologue followed by Leblond, Webb, Jordan Ashburn and Will Riordan. Conditions would flip 180 degrees that evening when a thrashing rain came through to soak the course.

After one full lap, Cody was down almost four full minutes to Hart. He put on a charge and was gaining ground again. At Chicken fight hole, he dropped the gap to 3:30. When the riders arrived at Little Romaniacs again, he had pulled back another full minute, but he gave it back and then some on the upper portion of the climb. The hill climbs proved to be Cody’s Achilles heel for the race.


An 8:00am Sunday start would see the riders off in rows of five to take on a challenging 18 mile two loop course.  Hart, Leblond and Webb got a good jump through the EnduroCross course. The three shadowed each other coming into the first named climb of the day called Chicken Fight Hole, when Leblond came to a halt at the top third of the climb and Webb slammed into him. This would see Webb fall back to fifth place with the row two riders entering the climb and threatening to put him even further back on adjusted time. Cody made up ground and found himself in second place behind Hart coming into one of the newly added sections named “Little Romaniacs,” which Webb said was actually harder than the climbs he just did at the actual Romaniacs.

Cody Webb. “Overall, it was a pretty good day. The first lap went pretty well but I had a few small mistakes. I was down on time, but I knew I could make it up. The second lap I pushed hard to get first for the day, and I was making up time, but I got hung up really bad on three hill climbs that basically ended any chance at a win”


Overall Pro Results

  1. Trystan Hart, KTM
  2. Cody Webb, Sherco
  3. Ryder Leblond, Husqvarna
  4. Will Riordan, KTM
  5. Keith Curtis, Sherco

Extreme Championship Overall Standings

  1. Trystan Hart, 255 points
  2. Cody Webb, 245
  3. Colton Haaker, 169
  4. Ryder Leblond, 162
  5. Taylor Robert, 150

Riders from around the world will descend upon the Trials Training Center in Sequatchie, TN for the Tennessee Knockout next weekend. This will conclude the hard enduro campaign and all focus will switch to EnduroCross.

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