Trystan Hart Tops the Podium in Denver

Taddy Blazusiak and Cody Webb Round out the Podium

Photos by Jack Jaxson

Trystan Hart set the Fast Lap, and was consistent throughout the night. Moto three’s win gave him the overall victory.


The 2022 GEICO AMA EnduroCross Championship Series visited Denver, Colorado for Round Three. Trystan Hart took the overall win in another weekend of action-packed EX Pro battles. The Red Bull KTM rider had a score of 2-3-1 across the three motos. GasGas Factory’s Taddy Blazusiak finished second overall with 4-1-2 moto finishes. Rounding out the overall podium was FactoryOne Sherco rider, Cody Webb, with 3-2-5 finishes in the motos.

Hart kicked off his winning day by setting the fastest hot-lap time to set the starting order for the first of three motos with a time of 58.721. Rockstar Husqvarna’s Colton Haaker had the second-fastest time of 58.824. FactoryOne Sherco rider Cooper Abbott had the third fastest hot lap with a 58.925. The fourth fastest hot lap belonged to Jonny Walker with a time of 59.404. Webb, the three-time EnduroCross Champion had the fifth fastest hot lap at 1:01.651.

Sitting in a three-way tie for the overall heading into moto three, Taddy  got a mid-pack start and found himself stuck there for a few laps before making his way into second, for second overall. He holds onto the red plate.


The five-time EnduroCross Champion, Colton Haaker took the early lead in moto one, ahead of Blake Gutzeit, Cody Webb, and Jonny Walker. Haaker would hold on to the lead and dominate the duration of the race, though the Overall Winner, Hart, was closing the gap lap after lap, after starting the race in 7th place. Hart would finish the moto P2 behind Haaker, and ahead of Webb, who finished P3.

Cody Webb: “It was a solid night for me but a few minor mistakes cost me. I’m stoked to be back on the podium and fourth in points after being dead last in round one. The track was awesome and the matrix was the hardest it has even been.”


The second moto inverts the sixteen riders’ finish positions from race one for gate picks, so the top eight riders start on the second row. Spenser Wilton took advantage of the front row start and shot out to an early lead in moto two. Nick Thompson and Taddy Blazusiak were right behind him in second and third. Blazusiak would make quick work of things and take over the lead by the end of the first lap. Webb also swiftly moved into second place and was on Blazusiak’s heels much of the race, ready to take the lead if Blazusiak slipped up. Blazusiak did not and cruised to a first-place finish in the second moto ahead of Webb who finished second. Hart had another impressive showing, starting the race in tenth place and working his way back to the podium and finishing in the third slot for moto two.

Colton Haaker:  “We started out with a win in the first moto, which was good. There’s a really nasty matrix section here that was just claiming people, and at the start of the second moto it claimed me pretty good. It bent my bars up to the point of no return. I stopped and tried to straighten them out, kicked the front tire over and just tried to salvage what I could, but I ended up having another big crash later in the race. We live to fight another day, working on getting better day by day, week by week.”


In the final moto, Hart started and finished the same way, in the first-place position. From the moment the gate drop Hart was focused and rode a consistently solid race. FactoryOne Sherco’s Cooper Abbott was in second place for most of the race, but unfortunately ran into a few hiccups in the final laps and fell to a fourth-place finish. Blazusiak, who spent most of the race in fourth place, made his way to second place by the second to last lap and stayed there to finish P2 in moto three and overall. Jonny Walker, who had a mediocre first two motos, managed to snag his only podium finish of the round with a third-place finish in moto three.

For the overall results, Walker finished fourth with 6-7-3 moto finishes. Abbott came in fifth overall with 8-4-4 moto finishes. Apolle finished sixth overall ahead of Haaker who took seventh. Ty Cullins came in eighth overall ahead Will Riordan in ninth. Nick Thompson came in tenth overall.

2022 AMA Super EnduroCross- Round 3: Overall Results (Top 10)

1. Trystan Hart, 2-3-1, KTM

2. Taddy Blazusiak, 4-1-2, GasGas

3. Cody Webb, 3-2-5, Sherco

4. Jonny Walker, 6-7-3, Beta

5. Cooper Abbott, 8-4-4, Sherco

6. Tim Apolle, 5-8-6, Beta

7. Colton Haaker, 1-12-7, Husqvarna

8. Ty Cullins, 7-5-12 , TM

9. Will Riordan, 9-10-10, KTM

10. Nick Thompson, 10-14-18, KTM

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